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Silverwolf Says “No” to Oregon State Measure 56: The Other Form of Capital Punishment

October 31, 2008

Oregon State Measure 56, which does away with the 60% requirement to pass local property tax measures, in combination with a “double majority requirement” that at least 50% of the registered voters must vote in the election, is all about Capital Punishment. No, not the brutal death penalty, supported and carried out with such glee by the Democrats, mostly against members of their own main constituencies, but that other form of Capital Punishment, the Property Tax, which is used to fund activities which are clearly beyond any reasonable purview of what it should justly cover, if anything at all. (And we refer mostly to education as an example of an unjust impost at the local level, which should be funded exclusively at the state level.) Local property taxes are unjust and immoral since they are a theft of the life energy of an Individual in order to fund a whole range of unnecessary and unconstitutional activities, from corporate subsidies, to pushing the junk food menus at our local schools, so children can get hooked on eating unhealthy garbage, (guaranteeing a lot of work for doctors down the line, and medicare bureaucrats into eternity), to jailing people for the crime of wanting to own something which the state says you will not be allowed to own, even though it affects the Property Rights of no other (i.e. Communism), to that actual denial of each Individual’s Natural Rights to Dominion over his own body by jailing him for victimless so-called “crimes”. When one adds the bloated county commissioner salaries, the golden benefit packages, the court costs incurred by local taxpayers to operated the courthouse during unconstitutional trials, or trials that benefit corporations that pay no state income tax, while local property owners must pay both property and state income tax —  one sees that the list of injustices property taxes fund just goes on and on.

To prevent a simple majority from imposing these unjust imposts on a narrow segment of the population only (property owners), the voters put through a requirement that 60% of the voters would have to approve local property tax measures, and that at least 50% of the registered voters would have to vote at the election. It is true that Silverwolf finds the 60% number quite arbitrary — why not 65 or 55, 59 or 61? — but not the idea behind it which is to make sure a simple majority, that does not have to pay a certain unjust tax, but who will benefit from it, cannot impose that unjust tax on a minority who will exclusively have to pay it.

But wait Silverwolf. Don’t you believe in our American Democracy which we Democrats are constantly referring to? Don’t you believe in majority rule?

Well, in point of fact, we do not have a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. True, our elections are run according to the just principle that the nominee or the Measure or Proposition with the most votes gets the office or implementation. But that does not mean we have a Democracy, or that Democracy is institutionalized throughout our social institutions.

Take jury trials, for example. What Democrat, or believer in Democracy, would like to be wrongly accused and stand trial for a Capital crime, knowing that a simple majority on the jury could send them into eternity? Yes, we thought so. How are you going to explain that one, oh worshipers of Democracy. And what about all the Unconstitutional legislation that Congress passes, are you glad that they can do that with a simple majority? Or what about when a Democrat governor or President vetoes an unjust or unconstitutional piece of legislation? Do you Democrats ever object that the Republican opposition must gain 60% to override that veto?

But you will then tell me that that is the balance of power necessary to maintain our Democracy.

And what about our elections? When three candidates run, and the winner gets 40%, while the runners up receive 60% of the remainder, why do you call it Democracy that the Democrat with the 40% gets to take office? Isn’t that minority rule, not majority rule?

So don’t throw up that paper tiger, oh pseudo-libertarians of the left, that you are all for Democracy, when you support so many anti-Democratic practices that are convenient to you. Your morality differs not a whit from the Republican’s.

And so, since it funds unfair and unconstitutional government expenditures which a majority can impose on a narrow minority, and since this violates the Rights of Man, and since Silverwolf has sufficiently exposed the myth that America is a Democracy, therefore let it be resolved that Silverwolf urges the public to vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 56.

We’ll howl to that one.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf