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Sympathy for the Socialist

November 2, 2008

Subsequent to searching for a source to sustain statistics stated in a symposium, Silverwolf sought supporting statements on several sites. One of these, surprisingly enough, was the site for the “World Socialist Web”, and, though he quickly realized he had driven his big-rig into a construction site with a narrow road, with no turnarounds, he nevertheless became intrigued enough to read the column that greeted him there, for it gave him a good wolf-giggle indeed.

It had been many decades since Silverwolf drenched himself in the empty rhetoric of the classical Left, but evidently the collective mills that turn this stuff out had not changed staff too much, or had replaced brain-tissue with like brain-tissue, for Silverwolf was treated to a barrage of vagaries so classic in the language of the Left that it was like watching one of those nostalgic TV commercials from the 50s or 60s.

The author of this piece was named Chris Marsden, and in it he decries the compromises which, in his view, two of the other generic British-left parties, (i.e. George Galloway’s laughably named “Respect Renewal” Party, and the more classical “Socialist Workers Party”), have made in not being firm enough in the face of evil Capitalism, and caving in to the “petty-bourgeoisie”. In other words, these guys are milksops, but Marsden, and whatever group he represents, are the real Vanguard of the Revolution, etc.

Silverwolf still giggles as he skims this diatribe against the compromisers of the pseudo-Left and rolls off his wolf-tongue the phrases that formerly stirred millions in the 60s. To quote some of the better Leninist plums: “The analysis of Respect Renewal and the SWP is shallow, ahistorical, passive and thoroughly demoralized.” “It is for Marxists a truism that a socialist revolution can unfold only on the basis of definite objectively revolutionary conditions. But this is not a justification for political fatalism. Objective conditions must be cognized and acted upon. For Marxists, the possibilities of a revolutionary development resulting from the present crisis cannot be understood outside of the role of a socialist party educating and organizing the working class — and mobilising its most advanced representatives on a revolutionary perspective.” Hahahaha, tee,hee,hee,ha,ha. It’s too much for Silverwolf! Tee,hee. Please, let Silverwolf catch his breath! Tee,hee,hee. “Must be cognized”? Is that phrase for real? “Mobilising its most advanced representatives on a revolutionary perspective.” Well, presumably Marsden and his fellow Leftists are in this “Most Advanced Representatives” group, who will need the quiet of a Dacha and the Soothings of Johnny Walker (Black Label) and Marlboros while they study their “Collected Works of Lenin”. Yes, life is rough for the Intelligentsia, but the workers sure are lucky to have such “most advanced representatives” educating and organizing them. And how could they even figure out who the “most advanced representatives” were, if they were not told by those same advanced ones? Lucky for Marsden, he’s obviously one of them, since the workers are obviously a bunch of sheep, with no intellect, who must be educated and organized by some superior group of brains. Aren’t the workers lucky.

And Marsden leaves us with this observation on the current world economic crisis which should be an eye-opener to all of us who thought the Left was pretty much in Lethe: “And how the present crisis  will develop — whether it leads to the catastrophe of fascism (as in the 1930s) or to socialist revolution — depends to a large extent on the actions of Marxists. That is the basic point Trotsky was making when he wrote in the founding document of the Fourth International, “The crisis of mankind is the crisis of revolutionary leadership.”

Yeh, you can sure see how the Marxists are having a profound effect on what is happening on Wall Street. Yep, the whole world is hanging on the words of the far-Left leadership in America and Britain. No doubt about it.

There was something sad and slightly pathetic about the ancient patter from 40 years in the past, the shopworn phrases, still strung together in long daisy chains of undefinition, better than any bromide in quickly putting the mind to sleep. Silverwolf felt a twinge of sympathy for the Socialist, writing away passionately to a world that will not listen to him.

But, come to think of it, Marsden actually did make a lot of sense, and say something profoundly true, when he said that Marxists will determine the outcome of the present economic crisis.

He was obviously referring to the Members of Congress, and the coming Administration.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf