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Respect for Iran? Speak for Yourself, Mr. President

March 20, 2009

President Obama’s despicable call for “mutual respect” between the US and the Fascist government of Iran, coming on the heels of Mrs. Clinton’s legitimization of China’s illegal and genocidal occupation of Tibet, is another blot on the Human Rights record of America, and the Obama Administration.

When one remembers that the Iranian government is one that has hung countless teenagers for the “crime” of being Gay, when one remembers the millions of its youth who were slaughtered by the Islamic Regime during the War with Iraq, when one recalls the Buenos Aires bombing of the Jewish Center that murdered 85 people, and War Criminal Ahmadinejad’s warmongering call for Israel to be wiped off the map, one wonders how the President can call for “mutual respect” for such a gang of criminals?  But given that the President has belonged for 20 years to a congregation who gave its Man of the Year award to the racist, Catholic- and Jew- hater,  Louis Farrakhan, and which is led by a minister who has publicly said “God Damn America”, it’s easy to understand how the President can call for such “respect”.

Perhaps if the President’s daughters had been hung for engaging in Lesbian activities, he’d be less prone to call for respect for such a regime? Perhaps if his wife had died in the Buenos Aires bombing, carried out by Hezbollah with the aid of the Iranians, he’d be less inclined to mention “respect” for this gang of murderers? Perhaps if he’d been one of the parents of a soldier killed by an Iranian supplied IED in Iraq, he’d feel less inclined to offer “respect” to the murderers of his son or daughter? Perhaps, if he were a child living in Israel, he might feel some terror upon hearing that a man a few hundred miles away wanted to wipe him and his parents off the face of the earth, and might feel less moved to “respect” such a miscreant?

But perhaps he wouldn’t?

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf