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Libertarianism is Bustin’ Out Al-Egypt

January 29, 2011

It looks like the “happy disease” of Libertarianism is busting out in Egypt, and all over the Arab and North African world, as the youth of these countries finally get sick and tired of the corporatism and governmental corruption than has kept them down and impoverished for decades. The governments and Islamists can continue to blame Jews and Zionism for every single problem in the Arab and Islamic world, but the secular youth of these countries, and many of the educated middle class, know that the problem is corporatism or state socialism mixed and allied with the big private corporations and local wealthy magnates, and the perennial problems of government corruption and the arbitrary power of the “state”.

Over and against these tyrannies stands the old Jeffersonian Liberalism that motivated the writing of the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the beautiful Bill of Rights, one of the great documents of Mankind. These instinctively known values about the Rights of Man are surging up in the youth of North Africa, and they will overwhelm all resistance before them, whether the governmental Leviathan State, or the religious fanaticism and Jew-hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with long ties to the Nazi ideology since its inception.

Silverwolf finds it both singularly interesting and seminal that this whole revolt was sparked by one young man in Tunisia protesting against a Communist regulation: having to have a business license to sell vegetables. This  is a gross violation of the Capitalist Rights of the Individual to earn a living without the government interfering by either requiring a license to vend, or by looting part of the fruits of one’s labor through an individual income tax (a corporate income tax may or may not be allowable because a corporation is not an individual, but a notional, fictional entity and thus not subject to the Rights of Man).

And so this whole “revolution” began as one man’s capitalist protest against a communist system of regulation in Tunisia, and the extreme levels of unemployment which socialism, corporatism, and minimum-wage laws bring about,  and while Silverwolf does not approve of self-immolation as a form of protest, that extreme act of anti-Communist protest has sparked a revolution so furious and of such magnitude, of which that dead young man could never have dreamed a few weeks ago, that it shows us Libertarians the power and ability of One Individual to change the course of history.

Such is the Power of Freedom and the Thirst for Liberty in all sane men.

Of course, the battle will rage between this new secular, anti-government Libertarianism which unfortunately probably has little more than anger behind it (how many in the streets of Cairo have read their Jefferson, Madison and Murray Rothbard?), and the religious fanatics who would like to see a repeat of Carter’s Folly in Iran of backing a brutal torturing dictator. Already we hear bleatings from Ms. Rodham that Hosni Baby should be given just a little more time. I guess thirty years ain’t enough, is it, Madame Secretary of State, as long as you’re not the one being tortured or unemployed all through the years of your youth? Maybe when you have $70 million, it’s easy to wait? But believe me, Ms. Rodham, those young Capitalists in the Streets ain’t gonna wait.

Rolling the dice like this of course roils a readily rabid world. The excitement and uncertainty of seeing the cornerblock piece of land between Africa and the Middle East wracked by mayhem may seem like a one-off event, but it really fits in with a world pattern, from the American  Tea Party anger and reaction to the Obama extension of the Federal mandate by forcing Americans to pay a corporate insurance toll just to exist in America, and having themselves strip-searched if they must travel, to the growing unrest and malcontent manifest in Europe, and expressing itself in the Greek protests, the Paris and London Student protests,  and the whinings of the unions and the French pensioners who may have to wait to 62 instead of 60 for their lifetime dole.

And perhaps forshadowing this wave of Libertarianism, though not linked by any observers except Silverwolf here, was the unheard of reaction of a group of London protesters to the appearance of a Royal motorcade. The press reported that they chanted “Off with their heads”, and threw paint on the car, although when Silverwolf listened to the tape, it sounded like they what they were actually saying  was “Offer them beads”, and the paint on the car may have been an attempt to spruce up the appearance of the Royal conveyance, since the financial crisis has brought budgetary embarrassments to even the finest of British families. Knowing the British people’s love for their monarchy, it’s hard to imagine any other possible explanations.

However, he is willing to accept the official portrayal of the event, and, if it is true, it is a telling description of the disgust which youth, whether in Tunisia, London, Paris or Cairo, hold for the Establishment.

Yes, indeed. Libertarianism is bustin’ out all over the Arab world, and it ain’t even June.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

A Rotten Libertarian Sandwich

October 9, 2009

If one thinks of the politics of Principle as taking a straited path twixt the complete socialism of Communism, and the racist, corporate-state socialist, pseudo-capitalism of Fascism, then one can see why Silverwolf can think of politics as a rotten Libertarian sandwich, with the healthy political and economic truths of Praxeology interlarded between the twin slices of rotten despotism. Libertarianism has been tainted on the left by trying to associate it with Fascism or Nazism, the “far-right”, but this is an outrageous contamination by association of terms. The “old right” might be characterized by Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Burke, and Lord Acton. And since these old Liberals thought in terms of the “Rights of Man” these Rights appertained to every single Human Being irregardless, in that quaint American phrase from the 50s, of “race, color, or creed”.  Libertarianism is a form of Humanism in that it says that certain Rights belong to all men, including the Right of Self-ownership, which precludes slavery. A Libertarian would probably say that a man has a right to kill someone who tries to actually physically enslave him. Slavery represents the ultimate in theft of property rights, save for murder. Spartacus’ rebellion against the Roman Miscreants would probably garner applause from a Rothbard or Mises. Probably with Camus also, who refused to be ideologically forced into the left.

And Libertarianism has been tainted on the right by the charges of the ignorant that it stood for “libertinism”, or was the hangout of potheads who just wanted to get it legalized, or of gun nuts of the Far-Right and the Klan, who just wanted to hang on to their personal arsenals. ” (gutteral) chhHippies of the (gutteral) chhRight” Ayn Rand would once describe the Libertarians in her thick Russian accent. And the concept of a bunch of intellectual crackpots, who hold an annual convention every four years, and run a weird candidate, who just ekes out the Green Party candidate, and so retains the Libertarian’s claim on the third biggest party in America, has stuck with the public. Ron Paul’s 1-2% popularity status for quite a few months in the early presidential campaign, before he got up to the 15-20% scores later on,  might be because of the public’s vague memory that he once ran for the post as a Libertarian. The idea that this party essentially espouses the Thomas Jefferson line on government is completely missed by the general public.

And, also,  Libertarianism is a Humanism in its Ghandiesque insistence that no one has the right to use aggression, or initiate force, against another’s property rights. This non-aggression principle is another key element of Libertarianism that makes it completely incompatible with either Communism or Nazism. And because it believes in the non-aggression principle, and because it can see objectively from the ever-recurring course of history that State Power has been historically the most coercive force, it sees clearly the necessity for a minimalist government, non-intrusive in our privacy, which is faithfully committed to protecting the Rights of the Individual, and vigorously pursues prosecution of any malefactor who dares to violate the non-aggression principle.

And finally, Libertarianism is a Humanism because it places the Individual, and not the State, at the apogee of its value system. The Rights and the life of the Individual are the sacred goals to which Libertarianism marries itself, not the worship of a State, a flag, a religion, or a “leader”. In a world which does the exact opposite, be it in America, totalitarian China, Fascist Saudi, or Islamofascist Sudan, the Libertarian principle is the only one that maintains the integrity of the Individual. The world wants to crush the Individual; look at the tax laws written by the State worshippers, which are designed to crush any Individual economic power, no matter how hard one works and saves. And by crushing the Individual, the major countries of the world will kill the very engine that provides the wealth for all these looters. That is the process that is continuing apace throughout the world, as Communism and Fascism, the two rotten pieces of bread, mew up the healthy core of Human Freedom between their stench-filled slices.

In a world that says throw away the filling and just eat the rotten bread, Libertarians may well respond, “Fascisti, you can keep your bread, while we will feast on Human Freedom.”

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Massa Obama’s Universal Voluntary Slavery Program

February 28, 2009

One of the most insidious and vicious of our Collectivist President’s new proposals is that of his “universal voluntary service” plan, which would require “volunteering” for many hours from high school and college students each year. This proposal of the President’s is a Fascist attempt to overthrow the Jeffersonian spirit of the Bill of Rights and the 13th Amendment, which prohibits involuntary servitude. Perhaps the President, who is said to have taught Constitutional Law, might remember than the 13th Amendment outlawed human slavery within America. Perhaps someone should inform him of the Amendment.

But we can smell the odour of the religinous Collectivist in this “universal voluntary” service. It reminds Silverwolf of that scene from the classic British comedy, “I’m Alright, Jack” in which Stanley Windrush, new worker at a factory, is told by the shop stewards that he’d better join the Union. “It’s voluntary”, he’s told, “only you got to join, you see.” “Oh, well, if it’s voluntary, of course I’ll join”, he offers.

That is exactly the kowtow mentality that Collectivists like Obama and Mrs. The-World-Is-A-Village Clinton want to impose on the Individual, with her Methodist world vision, like Woodrow Wilson, that wants to ram that vision down the throats of every other person and denomination, irregardless of what they might think the world is. I might think the world is a village, but if my neighbor chooses to live as a recluse, that’s his business, and I certainly don’t hold it against him. As a Jeffersonian, I respect his right to live the way he chooses, as long as he doesn’t violate my property rights, i.e. step on my toes. “Live and let live” used to be the American motto until the religinous Collectivists took over.

So, just as the Collectivists think they can trample over the ancient Principles of Economics with their insane Stimulus Bills and Bank giveaways, so likewise they think they can trample over the safeguards that Jefferson gave to American as a legacy of Liberty, as embodied in that magnificent Bill of Rights, and that Declaration he composed, and the Constitution he helped deliberate over. Spitting in the eye of the Collectivist for all time, unto eternity, and for ever and ever after that. The Human Being now knows the true principles necessary for a Republic, and the guarantees axiomatic to protecting  Himself against attempts that folks like President Obama and his party hacks, along with  his collaborators in the so-called Republican Party, would inevitably make on the Liberties of the Individual, and the Rights of Man, the only Human Rights we all need.

The Youth of America should not be cowed and coerced into the Double Speak lie of “Universal Voluntary” Servitude, or in other words, Human Slavery. You owe nothing to anybody; if anything, it is the elders of the tribe who owe you, the Youth of the World, because they have created the mess that you are forced to endure.

Hopefully, in America there is a youth with enough “huevos rancheros”  to resist this Unconsitutional claim on their lives. Let the best minds of the legal profession snap to attention, and offer their services in defence of any such Patriot. Let the Public, and the Bloggers publicize their cause. For the cause is for all of us, to end the Draft, and all forms of involuntary servitude, including mandatory attendance at a public school. A child genius, who could be earning a million dollars a year, should not have his income curtailed because a few mediocrities of bureaucrats decree that he must be locked up daily from 8 to 3, for years, and hear the drivel of a bunch of mediocre “teachers”: a clear violation of the kid’s Capitalist Rights, just as are child labor laws. If a kid just loves to spend a lot of his leisure time working at something for money, why should his Right be curtailed? Probably out of envy, and pressure from the overpaid Unions, who don’t want the labor competition, although the “Progressives” will always say it is for the good of the child. Oh, they know everything, don’t they.

“Universal Voluntary Service”. Just one more Orwellian piece of Newspeak from our Collectivist new President.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf