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Jefferson Stabbed in the Back: the Supreme Court’s Prayer Ruling

May 6, 2014

Jefferson’s beautiful Libertarian Republic has once again been stabbed in the back, and this time fatally. The blade entered through the wedge created by the overthrow of the necessity of Separation of Church and State, one of the key ingredients in Jefferson’s prescription for Human Liberty.

This overthrow was engineered by five Catholics, imposing their will on a nation that is predominantly Protestant, and which was created by Christian Radicals, mostly Protestant, fleeing the Church-State tyrannies that dominated and enslaved Europe for so long. It was overthrown by a court that does not have one Protestant or Atheist sitting on its bench, in a country which is overwhelmingly Protestant, though they are fractured into hundreds of different sects. And this is called representative justice.

But even the three Jews and one Catholic who did try to defend those Protestants who agree with Jefferson that a Church-State connection is one of the first steps toward tyranny, — even they put up a feeble resistance, and did not touch on the real violations in this case which are Involuntary Servitude, and Theft of taxpayer’s monies.

Moreover, the Justices did not address the great divisiveness and factionalism which this heinous ruling will bring about, the hatred and aggression between members of local communities who never before really thought or cared that much about their neighbor’s views on organized religions.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Catholics burned Protestants alive for their religious views and writings. Protestants burned Catholics alive for their religious views and writings. Protestants burned other Protestants alive for their religious views and writings. Catholics burned other Catholics alive for their religious views and writings.

And then came the Libertarian American Revolution, led by Thomas Jefferson and Thom Paine. “Build up a Wall of Separation between Church and State”, wrote Wisechief Jefferson.

And tragically, yesterday, the emasculated Supreme Court overthrew that Wall of Separation that has made America a country where people of all religions, agnostics, and atheists, can trade and fulfill their commodity needs in a generally orderly fashion, without religous differences having any significant impact on their market behaviour.

And this heinous overthrow was backed by that disgrace in the White House who was put there with the backing of leading Liberal Democrats, like Alan Dershowitz and John Rothmann, and supposed Liberal defenders of Civil Rights like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL. They helped put this religous fanatic in the White House, and it will be everyone in America who is a true Jeffersonian Libertarian and truly religious, and who doesn’t want to have the Deity’s name in any way connected with such an immoral government, who will suffer.

Jefferson taught us that government is a necessary evil, but an evil nevertheless. Why then would you want to contaminate “That which is Sacred” by any contact with such an immoral government as the American Government has become? And it has become that way because it moved away from the Libertarian Principles which motivated Thomas Jefferson, and the Radicals of the American Revolution. Those principles lead to both Civil Liberties, and Free-Market Capitalism. The two are intimately entwined.

But the legal reason why any official prayer before a townhall meeting, or any public-government event, should be illegal is that it is both a form of involuntary servitude, and a form of theft.

Prayer before a government event, like a city council meeting, violates the Constitutional prohibition against Involuntary Servitude, by forcing an attendee at a townhall meeting to either wait through the prayer, or remove themselves from the hall. But the reason they came to the meeting was to conduct secular, government business. In that their time and energy has been wasted in the course of their carrying out their civic duties or necessities, they have been forced into involutary servitude. You should not have your time wasted, or be forced to leave a public hall, because of someone else’s religious practices. And this is the one of the real reasons why this ruling by the Supreme Court is wrong, immoral, and unConstitutional.

The other reason is the theft of those taxpayer’s monies who agree with Jefferson on separation of church and state. While the prayers are being said in the townhall, the lights are running, the air conditioner may be going, the electricity is being used — and all, not in the service of legitimate government functions, but to further the religious propaganda of one of our major organized religions. These lights and power all cost money, and the fact that that tax money is being mulcted out of the Jeffersonian Citizens to pay for this violation of Separation of Church and State is actually Theft of Money, which in Libertarian Doctrine is a very serious, heinous crime.

In short, these prayer-pushers at public meetings are Slave Owners and Thieves, breeding factionalism and division among the American Public.

And the five disgraceful “Justices”, who voted for this vile overthrow of the Separation of Church and State, need to be impeached.

Hooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Fresh Thoughts on Libertarianism

October 5, 2013

Certain ideas about Libertarianism have coalesced in Silverwolf’s mind, and the cats have threatened to go on strike if he doesn’t disclose them to the Public. (Labor Union Coercion!)

First off, Libertarianism is a vast, vast field or ocean, that is just being entered upon. It’s a long way to the other side, before one is debouched into Paradise. So this means that all thinking about the political Philosophy of Libertarianism is in the stage of infancy. It is as if “Democracy” had just come on the scene and was five years old, and every Greek was throwing in his two drachmas as to what it meant and how to define it.

So “Libertarianism” is just beginning, and since it is such a powerful philosophy — this Philosophy of Classical Liberalism — it will have many courtiers claiming that their brand is “His” brand above.

In Silverwolf’s brand of Libertarianism, four ingredients are necessary.

First, Individual Libertarianism must always be put above Corporate so-called Libertarianism, although Libertarianism should not entertain any unnecessary hostility towards Corporations, as long as they obey the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom. A share in a Corporation which has value on the open market should be treated just as any other form of private property, although while an individual income tax would be anathema to the Rights delineated in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, a Corporate Income Tax would not necessarily also be, because it taxes a Collective notional Institution, not an Individual.

So first, the Individual’s Rights must always be placed above the so-called rights of a coroporation.

Second, Libertarianism must fight to shore up and defend Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation” between Church and State. Church-State linkages throughout history have been disastrous both for the people and for Free-Market Capitalism, with the exception of the military hardware suppliers. We only have to look today at “religious” regimes throughout the world to see the most despicable forms of tyranny and torture being perpetrated, and to realize that little has changed since the Spanish Inquisition if Organized Religion once gets its bloody paws on the reins of government. Just as Free-Market Capitalist Libertarians call for separation of Business and State, so must they call for and maintain separation of Church and State, and a very strict separation at that.

Finally, while Libertarians believe that unconstitutional governmental laws should be overthrown in a day — laws like the individual income tax, or being forced into a government-run pension or medical-care scheme, or a “national service” involuntary servitude requirement, or the jailing of Americans by the hundreds of thousands for cannabis possession, or forcing Hindus, at the tax collector’s gunpoint, to fork over the fruits of their labor to pay for USDA beef inspections — we know that, given the public’s socialistic, big-government, brainwashing, it will not be so.

Thus, although you’d like to overthrow tyrranical laws in a day, Libertarian’s should probably settle for a gradualist framework for their change, because the American public is essentially conservative, and a conservative is someone who likes moderation. Southern Slavery, one of the Great Human Rights Crimes of recorded history, should have been overthrown in a day, but it took decades to burn its rotten carcass. Thus Libertarians should probably offer five to ten-year phaseouts of government programs like Social Security and Unemployment Insurance or Obamacare, not because we don’t think their injustices should be eliminated immediately, but because such a call would not be accepted by the majority of voters, but a gradual phaseout would be. We also think that maintaining these programs for those Socialists who think they are the greatest thing since Marx would be OK, as long as all the costs and all the liabilities fell completely on the shoulders of the program’s participants.

For example, if the State of California ended its mandatory, forced participation of all workers in the Unemployment Insurance Program, but then maintained a program called “California Unemployment Security Program” in which all costs and liabilities were thrown onto the program’s participants, and not the general taxpayer or anyone working in California, then we wouldn’t really object, although such programs should certainly not be within the pale of government functions in the mind of a true Jeffersonian Libertarian.

However, it is obvious that such a “State” program would be “State” only in name, and that such a program would not differ at all from a private, free-market insurance fund. The Socialists and Patriots could feel they were contributing to “their” government, since they both are fond of saying that “the government is us”, and they could walk away with that glow lonely Socialists feel when they kid themselves that “we’re a village”. Yet, they never seem to pool their bank accounts.

Lastly, Libertarianism must be fiercely anti-racist in its outlook, because the racist looks at others with an image in his mind, a pre-judgement. Just as the Marxist defines Individuals by their class, and always attempts character assassination by class association instead of argument, so too will the racist define individuals according to whatever images his exposure to propaganda has inclined him. A racist can obviously utter words that reflect Truth and point out an injustice, while a non-racist or anti-racist can utter false propaganda (and all propaganda is a lie!) and keep mum about heinous injustices which they perpetrate (the Democrats, for example, jailing people for cannabis possession and keeping it illegal, or deforesting the National Forests to benefit major corporations while spreading toxic pesticides far and wide).

So a racist, like a Marxist, pre-judges people based on the most infantile and neanderthalic thinking, whereas a Libertarian sees all men as possessors of sacred Natural Rights, which make them the highest creation of Nature. A True Libertarian would have a positive, non-aggressive attitude towards all, except those who want to violently aggress against the property rights (which include the bodies) of their fellow citizens, or those who want to incite hatred or violence against whole economic classes, religious groups, races, or nationalities. Such Individuals are anti-Libertarian and anti-Capitalist, though they may mascarade as Libertarians, or friends of Natural Rights.

The essence of Capitalism is Liberty, the Freedom of two Individual Human Beings to engage in a trade of commodities voluntarily, in which both parties are happy with the results. Primitive tribesman did this in the jungle, but the modern day Socialists say that such actions are wicked.

So Libertarianism, at least Silverwolf’s brand, must include placing the Individual above the Collectivist Corporation, a fierce separation of Mosque and State, an anti-racist and anti-xenophobic ferocity, and a defense and championing of Liberty, as the essential ingredient of Free-Market Capitalism.

What’s your brand of Libertarianism?

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

President Obama Nominates an Anti-Semite: The Hagel Farce

February 7, 2013

In a slap at both Israel and the Jewish voters who supported him 70-30%, giving him his million vote margin of victory, President Obama has nominated the bigoted Senator Hagel to head America’s Defense Department. This tragic nomination shows both the contempt the President has for his supporters, and his complete lack of understanding of the necessities in the Middle East. To nominate someone who has made a clearly anti-Semitic reference when he has labelled the American supporters of Israel as the “Jewish Lobby”, even though there are more Christian Zionists in America than there are Jews, shows the twisted mentality of Senator Hagel, and the clear callousness of President Obama, someone who should be fully aware of the deadly implications of racism. To nominate a Racist for such a high office is a disgrace to the President, and lowers the moral grandeur of the Office of the President. It’s as if President Kennedy had nominated Lester Maddox as his first Civil Rights enforcer.

You’ll notice that Hagel never made mention of a “German Lobby”, even though he has sat, and perhaps still sits, on the board of Deutsche Bank, and that by voting in favor of the Defense Budget, Hagel is sending a hugh chunk of money to Germany and the other European parasite countries that suck over $100 billion a year out of the U.S. taxpayer to help pay for their “defense” costs, about 30 times what we loan and give to Israel. I guess the European Socialists are too poor, and too busy taking their annual month-long vacations, many of them at taxpayer expense if they are government workers, to payfor their own defense costs. And it’s funny that Senator Hagel made no mention of a “Christian Lobby” when he voted to send funds to Europe, since Europe is predominantly Christian, and even has Christian-Democrat parties so named, and State Churches.

Is not sending U.S. military aid to countries not under threat of imminent attack, countries that are ruled by parties calling themselves “Christian Democrat” or “Muslim Brotherhood” or whatever religion — is not sending such aid a violation of Jefferson’s sacred warning against mixing church and state? “Build up a wall of separation” said the old sage of 250 years ago, and Wisechief Jefferson was right.

The irony of the current situation is that Senators with names like Schumer and Feinstein are supporting the anti-Semite, while Senators with names like Cornyn and Cruz (really ironic!) are opposing him.

Add to this the fact that Senator Hagel has advocated talking to those Gangs of Murderers known as Hezbollah and Hamas. Now, seems to Silverwolf he’s been hearing talk of a “War on Terror” for quite a while now which was so necessary that it meant looking under all the girl’s dresses at the airports and blowing up a lot of innocent women and children in Pakistan, but now our possibly new “Defense” Chief is someone who advocates talking to a Mafia of Racist Murderers like Hezbollah or Hamas. Why is it, Seantor, that in Nebraska you’ll execute someone for murdering one person but you’ll talk to gangs of murderers who kill thousands? Perhaps the Senator has forgotten the Bulgarian bus driver who was blown up in the Hezbollah attack in Bulgaria, as was confirmed today. I bet his family hasn’t forgotten.

Of all the possible choices President Obama could have made, Senator Hagel is probably the worst and most abrasive, and it shows how morally bankrupt the President is.

The Farrakhan Wing is now in control of the Democratic Party, and they are ecstatic.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Judge Barbara Crabb’s Prayer Ruling: Jefferson’s Lips Move in the Grave

April 19, 2010

Libertarian wolves are celebrating a brief halt in the unending push towards Collectivism and Fascism in America with the recent ruling by Judge Barbara Crabb in Wisconsin that that religious blasphemy and macula on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the National Day of Prayer, is Unconstitutional. Finally someone has called a dirty spade a dirty spade; and a spade designed to bury the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Of course, our so-called Constitutional scholar President vowed to continue to apply this unconstitutional law, in contemptuous defiance of Judge Crabb’s ruling, but given the consistent Fascist bent of our President, from “prolonged indefinite detention” to his expansion of the outrageous “Faith-based initiative” boondoggle, this comes as no surprise. Barack H. Obama is showing himself to be just as wimpy, just as malleable, and just as unprincipled, when it comes to defending the Bill of Rights, as all the men preceding him in that office who have continued to promote this illegal government promotion of organized religion.

Obama’s continued attempts to overthrow Jeffersonian Constitutionalism have come up against a brick wall in the guise of Judge Crabb. It is she alone who has halted the ongoing crush of the American Taliban, as they try to steal and rob the tax funds of atheists, agnostics, and Theists who agree with Jefferson that we must “build up a wall of separation between church and state”. And Silverwolf will take the brains of Wisechief Jefferson any day over the supposed “constitutional law professors”, and the Collectivist shrubs from Texas.

However, often overlooked in this controversy is the abridgment of Capitalist Rights which the National Day of Prayer institutionalizes. The aim and proper role of government, as we know from Jefferson and Ron Paul, is to preserve those inalienable Rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, or as Ron Paul succinctly put it, “the preservation and promotion of Individual Liberty.” That is the American government’s only legitimate function, and in the light of the clear intent of Jefferson, and the words of the Declaration of Independence, it is pellucidly obvious that those who try to usurp those Rights are enemies of the Constitution and the American way. The Religious Fascists want to take your tax money, and use it to promote their religious activity. The National Day of Prayer does this, by using the President’s time, as well as many Senator’s, for which they are being paid an “obscenely” high salary, to promote Unconstitutional activities. It is a theft of taxpayer funds plain and simple, and any Senator or Executive branch official who cannot comprehend that simple fact, obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to carry out the grave responsibilities of the office, and should be impeached forthwith.

Whether it’s the President, looting people’s funds nationally to promote the “values” he was taught in Reverend Wright’s congregation of Farrakhan-lovers, or whether it is the local school board in Texas, stealing the funds of Atheists, Agnostics, Christian supporters of Jefferson, Muslims, Jews, and Zoroastrians, to buy a PA system that will broadcast Christian prayers before the football game, it is still just basic robbery. And those who rob you are thieves.

There is nothing stopping the religious Fascists of America from accruing capital, and purchasing real estate wherein they can set up a church, synagogue, temple, ashram, or mosque, and do their religious thing. The propaganda that somehow they are being held from practicing their religion is a lie, except in the context of being forced to send their children to public schools if home schooling is not allowed. In that case, the members of a religion that required its child adherents to pray every minute they were alive, or every ten minutes, would have their Constitutional Rights violated. But here the problem is with the Collectivist-Fascist imposition that children must attend public school, and not the question of separation of mosque and state. Destroy the anti-Libertarian compulsory-attendance diktat, and this exception to religious freedom would dissolve. But that is a far different violation that the theft of the monies of Atheists and Agnostics to further the beliefs of Deists.

When Judge Crabb spoke, Jefferson’s lips moved in the grave.

Libertarian wolves and Free-Market Capitalists salute Judge Barbara Crabb, and her very wise ruling,  and declare her one of the “Mothers of the Libertarian Revolution”.

Like Silverwolf, another “Mother” for Liberty.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Courtroom Drama Dream: The Anti-Religious Police

November 3, 2008

In responsum to a recent Silverwolf blog in favor of a strict “wall of separation” between church and state, Blue Dawg brought up the criticism that government and the private sector were so mixed in our current culture that it was hard to sometimes distinguish the two. Well, Silverwolf didn’t think that was quite a sufficient reason to invalidate his arguments on this issue, but, in his penchant for playing Devil’s Advocate, he tried to think up several situations where it might apply. And soon, after a cup of “Wolfmen’s” Brand Wolfbane (“The No.1 Choice Amongst Discriminating Wolves Throughout North America and the Artic Ice Shelf”), he came up with the situation of: You’re driving in your Wolfwagon on a public road. You say a prayer inside the car. Since the road was paid for with public funds, and you wouldn’t be on that spot if not for the public funds paying for that road, then when you mumble a prayer, or even a say something like, “Oh, G-d, don’t let me be late for the appointment.”, since you are situated on the road and could be said to be “established”, you have violated the separation of church and state.

Or howzabout: your standing on the public sidewalk, mending your picket fence. While smashing a nail, you manage to smash your own nail, and exclaim aloud so that the neighbors may hear it, “G-d damn it!”. Now, as this may be viewed as a prayer, or supplication to the Supreme Deity, one of the neighbors, overhearing this oath, picks up the phone and calls the anti-Religious police. And, in the end, you are jailed for praying on a public street, since you used the sidewalk to “establish” yourself in religious activity.

And there Silverwolf has given his opponents on this issue all the ammunition they may need to engage him on the forensic battlefield of debate. Commenceth to fire!

But enough of this levity. It’s time to relate to you a serious dream Silverwolf had, a couchmar, a nightmare, in which he was dragged into the “Anti-Religious Court”. It went thusly:

After closing his eyes, Silverwolf suddenly found himself in the County Anti-Religious Court, where cases of attempted overthrow of separation of church and state were tried. Handcuffed and shackled, Silverwolf stood before Judge Thyck, and heard the accusation: “Silverwolf you have been charged with using the religious exclamation “Land o’ Goshen”, taken directly from the King James Version, on a public thoroughfare. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty, and excuse me a second Silverwolf while I get my black hood which I need in Capital cases.”

“Oh, sure, Judge Thyck, take your time, I know you suffer from gout due to the excessive quantities of port you consume every night while signing Death Warrants. Please don’t rush on my behalf.” (The Judge returns.)

“Now, how do you plead, Silverwolf, and remember, your fate may depend on it?”

“Oh, sure, I’ll keep it in mind. Well, what really happened was this Your Honor:

Silverwolf found himself wandering on the public streets of town, paid for by the taxpayers. He encountered Blue Dawg, who told him he was thinking of swimming to Roumania, to work some extra weight off, and stock up on their remarkable lettuces. And then Blue Dawg asked him what body of water he’d have to cross to get there. And Silverwolf told him. It’s that simple. The four undercover anti-Religious Police who overheard him, misunderstood what he said. So, Silverwolf, he pleads Not Guilty, Your Honor Judge Thyck.”

Judge Thyck’s brow creased. He wrinkled his nose, and raised his upper lip in indecision. Something contractionary seemed to be working furiously behind his eyes. He lowered his head, then raised it, then formed the crease of a smile, which then promptly disappeared. The brows moved from vertical to horizontal indentures. The judge lowered his head again. A silence of thirty seconds ensued. Silverwolf’s heart beat a savage tattoo.  And then the judge raised his head, one saw the crease of the smile, spread, grow, and  finally engulf the well-fed chubby cheeks of jurisprudence.

“Oh I get it!” Judge Thyck broke into mirthful laughter. “Case dismissed.”

Silverwolf awoke with the sweat pouring off his muzzle, which takes some doing, since Wolves never sweat.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Urges a “Yes” Vote on Oregon State Measure 64: Three Degrees of Separation

October 12, 2008

Silverwolf has been perusing the synopses of the various State Measures offered to the voters in the former British Colony of Oregon. And one of the more appealing State Measures, number 64, is one banning or more accurately penalizing the current heinous crime of  the co-mingling of political and private organizations with the state, by allowing for automatic payroll deductions, set up by the state, to flow to private political, charitable, and union organizations. For the state to be involved in any way with fundraising for private groups that undertake political action is a violation of that “third degree of separation” which Silverwolf feels is axiomatic for the perpetuation of the Republic.

And this takes us to the discussion of what Silverwolf terms the “Three Degrees of Separation”.

Wisechief Jefferson taught us and warned us that we must “build-up a wall of separation” between Church and State, if we wanted to keep our Republic. He knew what mayhem the breakdown of that wall would lead to, and was warning us exactly against people like Bush and Obama whose “Faith-based initiatives” are clearly unconstitutional violation of this principle and a clear danger to the continuance of the Republic, a danger to which both their parties have remained completely mum.

Wisechief-ess Ayn Rand, and her successors Murray Rothbard and Congressman Ron Paul, have taught us that we must have a similar “wall of separation” between economy and state. This is something Rand emphasized in her TV interview with Mike Wallace in the late 50s. And the current collapse of the Keynesian economy, due to the existence of the Federal Reserve (or any National Bank, call it what you will) and a fiat currency, has vindicated their position in spades.

But likewise, Silverwolf strongly feels, we must build up a “wall of separation” between government and private organizations, like charities,  private sector unions, trade lobbying groups, and public employee unions. In the arguments section of the Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet for this measure, a former school teacher claims that he was forced to make payments to both the state teacher’s union and a national teachers group, and that if he opted-out, as the opponents of this Measure say any state employee can easily do if they so wish, he would have been forfeiting all his rights as a union member according to the “opt-out” clause in his union contract. In other words, you’re free to opt out of paying those automatic payroll “free-will” donation deductions to your union, you just will lose any rights and privileges you had as a public employee union member if you dare to. No, no coercion there, is there, oh union lovers.

Even the ACLU, an organization that Silverwolf feels has done far more good than harm, and with whom he agrees a large percentage of the time, is on the wrong side of the fence on this one. They maintain in their argument section, that an employee has only to fill out a simple form to be able to “opt-out” of the automatic payroll deduction to the union, but Silverwolf wonders how they can fail to see that such a requirement is a form of involuntary servitude, in excess of the performance of their job for pay, which they are being forced to carry out to maintain their rights under the Bill of Rights. Being forced by the government to fill out a form in order to avoid a non-governmental imposition or impost is tantamount to being forced to stand or say the Pledge of Allegiance, which Silverwolf would remind the public was ruled Unconstitutional over 60 years ago,  or being forced to take a Loyalty Oath (except to become a Naturalized American Citizen, or work in the Armed Forces or FBI-like groups). Having to fill out such a form to avoid an Unconstitutional confiscation of ones property rights is a form of slavery, if the confiscation of ones property is for the benefit of a non-governmental agency. And why should the government be in the business at all of collecting funds for private groups, even if it entails a minimal effort from a computer once it is set up?  And here also is where we can clearly see the Unconstitutional contradiction Measure 64 abolishes, for who pays to print the forms to opt out, or pays or sets up the automatic payroll options, either on the computer, or at the state printing office? The public pays, obviously, for the labor and ink that benefits these private groups. That is an outrage.

Finally, there is no power under the sun stopping these leeches, that leech off government payrolls, to get their funds by having their supporters mail in checks or donate over the net with their credit cards just as thousands of  other American charities and groups have to do, and do so successfully enough to fund their continuing operations.  Why should immensely weathy private organizations like public unions, major charities like United Way, and major groups like PTA, be privileged to collect funds with the assistance of publically set-up payment systems, when thousands of other groups have to get their funds directly from their supporters through the mail or online? This amounts to an Unconsitutional privilege extended to a few specific non-governmental groups at the taxpayer’s expense.

It’s clear that Oregon State Measure 64 will defend the Human Rights and Property Rights of the American Individual over and against the Unconstitutional impositions that Collectivist non-governmental organizations try to weedle into the fabric of government. Don’t let them continue to get away with it: the continuation of the Republic requires we stop them at the ballot box.

Vote Yes on Oregon State Measure 64.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Obama’s Religious Fascism: Destroying the Separation of Church and State

July 2, 2008

It didn’t take long for Barack Obama to show his true colors — a mixture of the scat-brown of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and the death-black of Mussolini’s Fascists. His latest target is the Jeffersonian imperative of building up a “wall of separation between Church and State”, which Wisechief Jefferson knew was axiomatic to the maintenance of the Revolutionary American Republic that he and the other Wisechiefs around him set up as the ultimate answer to the problem of Human Tyranny, — a problem which, up to that time, had existed unabated since the days of the Pharoahs. Now Barack Obama and the Collectivists of the Democratic Party have their eyes firmly on that Prize of Libertarianism, and today’s horrendous announcement by Obama marks the first shot across the bows.

In essence, Obama announced he wants to extend and enhance the immoral program set up by “President” (haha) Bush, which channels the taxes paid by all Americans, be they atheist, agnostic, or religious, into the hands of religious organizations, and it goes further that Dubbyah’s desecration of the Constitution, in that those hired must adhere to the religious denomination hiring them. As a firm opponent of any contact between Church and State, even to the extent of not having the government issue marriage licenses, since traditionally marriage has been a religious affair, Silverwolf strongly condemns this latest move by Obama and his Democratic miscreants to destroy this Jeffersonian mechanism which has so effectively prevented religious pogroms in America, in contrast to the bloodied hands of the Europeans, who till this day still insist on shoving organized religion down the throats of one and all with their “State” religions. And let’s not forget Communism, Fascism, and Nazi-National-Socialism, which are also forms of organized religion, though they would never admit it. Silverwolf will take the genius of Jefferson on this subject to the pea-brain intelligence of Obama and his Democratic supporters any day.

One wonders what those Obama apologists, people like Alan Dershowitz and Ray Taliaferro, who have been staunch opponents of melding Church-State relations, will say to this latest travesty. Dershowitz recently decried the tone of religiosity that had crept into the primary campaigns, with virtually all the candidates telling the public just how religious they all were, an assertion contradicted by the way they have led their lives. The one exception to this blasphemy was Congressman Ron Paul, who is a deeply religious man, with several brothers who are Pastors, but who never once mentioned religion in all the speeches Silverwolf saw from him, except to say that our Rights come to us from our Creator, a statement echoed by Jefferson, and so general as to accommodate the views of Agnostics and Atheists, who might well feel their creator was the blind forces of nature, or Franklin’s marvellously vague “Providence”. Never once did we hear him braying about how religious he was, or going on and on, like Obama, Clinton, Romney, Keyes, and Hucksterbee, about their sanctimoniousness. But Dershowitz, who was one of Obama’s professor’s in law school, now supports Obama, the Collectivist who today explained his intention to further break down the wall of separation Dershowitz has so eloquently defended in the past. Silverwolf would refer the reader to that wonderful debate held on William F. Buckley’s Firing Line in the 1990’s, in which Dershowitz so well defended the Jeffersonian Necessity of separation, along with the Reverend Barry Lind, a truly wonderful Reverend, against the foolish Buckley et al. But you can bet that Dershowitz will now be either silent, or more likely, lightly criticise the Obama, while continuing to support him.

And Silverwolf can’t wait to hear someone bring up the topic with Ray Taliaferro, if he even permits it to get past his screeners, although the caller will either be “piped down” or pushed off with a quick “Thank-You-for-your-call-and-let’s-go-to”. Taliaferro, whose contempt for organized religion is truly beautiful in its extremity, even to a Theist like Silverwolf, will slough it off, he is sure, while he continues to sing his constant paeans of praise for the Illinois hypocrite. It will be ignored because it is so damning, and so revelatory of Obama’s shallowness, and lack of understanding of the Constitution, and what America needs to maintain the Republic, or what is left of it. Silverwolf didn’t think it would take long for Obama, who belonged for many years to a church that gave the racist rabble-rouser, Louis Farrakhan, it’s Man of the Year award, and who consorted with the racist, Reverend Al Sharpton,  to reveal his true character, and in doing so, to begin to erode his support. Silverwolf noticed that last month, Obama had a 15% point lead over Senator McCain. Today’s CNN poll shows it has eroded to 5%. And Silverwolf would guess that this latest self-revelation of Obama’s, in an attempt to pander to the Republican Evangelical vote, will lose him many more votes amongst those Liberal Democrats who still know that “a Wall of Separation of Church and State” is absolutely necessary for the American Revolution to revive, and finally come to fruition. But what were they expecting from a Collectivist? It will probably throw a lot of votes to Nader, he would guess, or even McCain or Barr. It will lose him many more that it will gain.

Religionous Collectivists — give “em enough rope and they’ll always hang themselves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf