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Tuesday Afternoon: Another Islamofascist Murder

November 19, 2009

Silverwolf wonders what you were doing Tuesday afternoon: watching your portfolio? getting drunk? visiting your great-great-grandfather at the kindergarten?

Well, for one Human Consciousness, last Tuesday, a 20-year-old Somali woman, it meant being buried up to her waist, and being stoned to death before a mob of 200, for the so-called “crime” of adultery. This sentence was passed and carried out by the al-Shahab sect in Southern Somalia, under the court of Sheikh Ibrahim Abdirahman.

Jeffersonian Libertarians spit on such a court and such a sect, and say that what they have done is nothing but plain murder, which deserves that the culprits spend the rest of their lives in jail, in chains and at hard labor. These religio-Fascists are trying to turn the words Human Individual into the word Garbage, and that is why they must destroy and denigrate all that is sacred in the Human Being. What al-Shahab has done and is doing is a grave Crime and deserves the gravest sentence — life in solitary at hard labor without parole.

But sadly this is not the first time al-Sahab has committed this atrocity, for in the past year they have destroyed four Human Lives through the same heinous mechanism, and just like all Totalitarian butchers throughout history, they must first find some tissue of legal semblance, so they don’t have to face the self-awareness that they are murders and amongst the lowest rung of Humanity. And when their names are known, let them never be forgotten, and be cursed throughout history, and when we come to that possible time of universal peace on earth, with murder a thing of the past, then the Libertarians of the future we recall the names of these vile men, and spit on their memories. They will be reviled into Eternity, never doubt it.

But what of the moral outrage of the Islamic World at these crimes carried out in its name? Well, the silence is deafening. No word of condemnation from other Civil Rights scathouses like Saudi Arabia, racist Malaysia, or War Criminal Khadafi’s socialist paradise (remember the napalm he dropped in his war on Chad? or does Cardinal Blair’s exculpation wipe away all Sins, including Lockerbie?) Silverwolf ain’t heard the Palestinian Authority, or Syria, or Hamas, or Hizballah condemn it either, or pledge to raise an Islamic Army to invade Somalia and put an end to it.

And it isn’t too hard to figure out why there is no outrage. It’s because millions of Muslims must agree with the sentence, in their hatred for Women’s Femininity, and sexuality itself. These old wrinkled Mullahs of the fanatical sects of Islam are envious of the sexual enjoyment of the young, and that is why they promulgate these deeply immoral and deeply anti-Jeffersonian laws. They hate sex.

And they hate Women. For know, this murder by stoning is not the first case in history, but the fourth murder by the Somali Islamofascists in the last year.

Last year, a 13-year old girl was stoned to death, after she had been raped. Being raped, according to these perverted, twisted Thugs, is the same as adultery, and so they could get their rocks off by murdering a 13-year old girl. And the Islamic World is silent.

Earlier this month, an unmarried 29-year old man was stoned to death for having sex with a 20-year old unmarried woman. The woman, who is pregnant, is being spared — until she gives birth.  Then she too will face the sadistic bloodbath prepared by these perverts. And the Islamic World is silent.

President Obama says Islam is a religion of Peace. Evidently, it is the peace of Silence in the face of Tyranny and Murder.

One day, the Libertarian-Jeffersonian Revolution will drive this Tyranny and Murder from the face of the Earth.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Sharia Law vs. Capitalism and the Constitution: The Hizb Anti-Biz Conference in Chicagostan

July 25, 2009

Silverwolf noticed that about a week back, the Islamic organization, Hizb-ut-tahrir, held a conference in Chicago where they decried the supposed Capitalism of America as being the cause of the current financial crisis, and spoke instead for the adoption of Sharia Law in the U.S.A. It seems, under this wonderful system, that interest on loans would become illegal, Sharia would take precedence over the U.S. Constitution, and Christians and other religious minorities would become “dhimmi” or protected minorities who would only have to pay a 10% tax for the privilege of living in a society under Islamic Law.

Hizb-ut-tahrir is an Islamic organization that claims to be non-violent, and seeks to convert the world through intellectual discussions. Evidently, the long history of the misery caused in the world by religious fanatics, and religious governments, is to be cleared up and forgotten with a little intellectual “chewing the fat”. However, the Danish Government didn’t see anything intellectual about it when it arrested one of this group’s leaders six years ago for passing out literature calling on Muslims to carry out the Koranic exhortation to kill Jews wherever they see them, or when it indicted the group three years ago for calling for the murder of Danish government officials. Such “intellectual persuasion” was viewed by the Danes as it should be: inciting to riot and murder, and which should be punished as if it had been successful in its nefarious aims. Whoever incites others to murder based on race or religion should be tried and punished as if he had committed first-degree murder.

Interestingly enough, when the conference began, men and women were forced to sit in separate sections, and when someone challenged this set-up, they were told that it was to prevent men and women from “acting like animals”. Apparently, these objective Islamic intellectuals didn’t trust themselves enough to not turn into raving rapists if they happened to co-mingle the sexes. It’s good to know we’ll have such well-controlled people in charge of the Islamic Republic of America, when they take over.

Of course, the fundamental premise of the conference, that Capitalism has created the current crisis crimping cash-and-carry commercial custom,  is a humbug, because, on the contrary,  the current crisis has been caused by big-government Socialism reaching into, and destroying, almost every facet of Capitalism that used to exist in the late 19th century in America. Socialism,  based on the religious prescriptions of the three major Western religions, has been married to the falsities of Keynesian economics, to create a witches brew of FDR-LBJ Socialism that has finally poisoned the patient. America will never emerge from this depressionary inflation until it adopts the sane, sound, and true principles of Austrian economics and radical free-market Capitalism. And groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir, and its growing influence in American metropolises, are only further obstacles in American Capitalist’s and Libertarian’s attempt to retake America for the system it was before the FED, Wilson, and FDR-LBJ welfarism.

The horsescat that organized religion has piled into the world never seems to stop coming, and it’s a shame that so much human energy must be wasted in cleaning up the stink it creates. In America, thanks to Jefferson’s wisdom, and the Christian radicals who fled authoritarian England so they could worship in peace, and were even so radical as to tolerate and sometime even welcome Jews into their new lifestyle, a life-style so radical in its intellectual foundations that it had never been seen in Europe, though it was later to be stained by the contradictions of slavery and the treatment of the Indians in a land that purported to champion Individual Liberty and Rights — in America, such a piling finally came to a stop, with the effective separation of Church and State under Wisechief Jefferson’s Revolutionary Constitution. But groups like Hizb, and the Bush-Obama expansions of “faith-based initiatives” programs which should be repealed by Congress immediately, and for which both Bush and Obama should have been impeached, are the bane of true Capitalists and Libertarians both in America and the world over.

If you don’t like free-market Capitalism and the Constitution, there’s a vast Islamic world out there, where you won’t have to be paid interest on your savings, in which you can live. Enjoy it.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf