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Some Observations on The Healthcare Bill by a Disinterested Silverwolf

August 9, 2009

Amidst the screaming and yelling amongst our Human neighbors, whom we are forced to live with, about their “healthcare” bill, we gathered the elders of the Libertarian wolfpack to express our views on this legislation.

Of course, the key question really is, How can the Government morally force all individuals to buy health insurance? They will be forced to buy it either from the bureaucrats and the Fed’s corporate buddies in the insurance industry, who, with the aid of their government bailouts, will be the only offerers of insurance since their smaller competition will be wiped out, and no little fish will ever be able to garner the capital, and comply with the onerous regulations that would be required of a new upstart business; or else they will be forced to buy it for the government, use government doctors, and follow government treatment programs, which will undoubtedly require the use of mega-corporate pharmaceuticals en masse, and cook-book procedures administered by the lower third of med-school graduates (if they can find enough). Competition will be eliminated, just as the big boys want. And plenty of juicy jobs and commissions for the civil service pension-golddiggers.

The fact that the Right of the Individual to exist on his own is basically trashed by this outrageous proposal is completely overlooked by the bill’s proponents, who seem to have lost all semblance of any comprehension of the Constitution. It may be one thing to require people to purchase insurance to drive a vehicle on public roads, since there are other ways of getting around like walking, bicycles, and public and private omnibuses; one can still travel without a drivers license. But to require someone to buy so-called health insurance just because they exist as a Human Being is not only deeply immoral, but a radical violation of the Rights of the Individual Human Being. That person may not want to ever be treated with conventional medical techniques, and to force them to pay for something they would never use, and force them to pay for their neighbor’s use of something they do not believe is valid, is again deeply immoral. This is the most heinous part of this bill, in principle, for it violates the Jeffersonian Imperative of the Individual’s “Inalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. It is anti-Libertarian in the extreme; it is draconian and totalitarian. It is the philosophy of the bully-boy miscreants of the earth who want to break the Human Spirit into a thousand ineffectual shards. It is pure Fascism.

But now to descend from the Philosophical plane to the more mundane ones of costs and implementations.

The White House, in its chilling ‘send us the emails of anyone saying anything you deem to be “fishy” ‘, in its first info-gathering exercise to see if the finking element of the populace will grass on their political opponents and neighbors, so the White House can theoretically start compiling a new “enemies list” a la Nixon — that White House seems to have forgotten the fishiest piece of disinformation yet, that being the President’s claim that this will not increase the deficit and will be revenue neutral, while the Congressional Budgetary Office contends that the deficit will run into trillions of dollars. Now the fact that a Law professor can contradict a group of professional economists, considered competent enough to work for the Federal Government, strikes Silverwolf as extremely “fishy”. Perhaps someone should send in the President’s email address to the government in its efforts to root out false information?

Finally, there are the provisions listed on page 425 of H.R. 3200 which would mandate anyone on Medicare to be forced to have a consultation regarding ending-of-life provisions at least once every five years, and under five years under a whole list of conditions. Again, this is a horrendous invasion of privacy, and a measure with ominous overtones, because many people could easily be bamboozled or browbeaten into  choices they don’t want to make, by a pushy and aggressive (or lying) government bureaucrat whose main concern is to save the Federal Government the maximum amount of dollars, so that his cost-savings record looks good. Remember, to the Government one more dead body means one less Social Security check the government must pay out for years, so government has a vested interest in skewering the direction of peoples “choices”. About the only choice left in America will soon be to leave the country.

There is also the issue of the security of government databanks listing all your medical conditions. Given the many instances of government losing data, or having it hacked, and putting millions of social security numbers into the hands of cyber-criminals, which has further exacerbated the epidemic of identity theft, we can just imagine what a field day blackmailers, and government employees stealing and reselling information, will have when they get their hands on this info. It is clear that when all this intimate knowledge about people’s lives gets on the data banks, personal privacy, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, will be a thing of the past.

But I can see that the depravity of this Bill is starting to make the elders of the wolfpack look a bit sick, so we’d better desist since they don’t carry medical insurance. One can stomach only so much Fascism in one day.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf