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Silverwolf’s Act of Verbo-Genesis: A Word Is Born

November 25, 2008

“And in the Beginning was the Word.” Seems to Silverwolf this was a line from one of the more popular stories in the “Classics Illustrated” Series. He can’t remember the novel’s title, but it was a big best seller.

However, it shows how nothing could exist in the modern world, if not for words, except for everything else that would continue to go on. Would there be a world if all consciousness were wiped out, even down to the centipede and the cockroach? But man, ensconced comfortably in the world of words, which are mental concepts, can move little mentally past these rushes of air, substantiated by the rumblings of our vocal chords, with the afflatus modulated by the contortions of the oral rictus.

Words, on top of words, modifying words. No wonder you can hardly pick up the Oxford English Dictionary, even in its condensed form, without a crane.

So Silverwolf thinks it about time he added to the garbage heap of verbiage. And therefore he will commit an “act of verbo-genesis”. (Is it legal in Mississippi?).

He does this in response to a reader’s query addressed to a search engine, “What is a frugarian?”. Since this was a term coined in Silverwolf’s blog, in which he was interviewing the ghost of “Tovarich” Stalin, he thinks he should explain himself. And notwithstanding the irate letters he has received from residents of Fruga, a small community hidden in the Dolomites. denying any connection with Silverwolf, nor the missives he has gotten from superannuated teeny-boppers who claim that a Frugarian is one who ritually dances the Frug, on a daily basis, in order to achieve spiritual union with their “Higher Power”, Silverwolf must admit that neither theory is correct, and that the true meaning of a Frugarian is simply one who is frugal.

Since this is the first known instance of the use of the term Frugarian (or at least Silverwolf hopes it is), he thinks he may deserve a minuscule footnote in the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary (Compact Version) of 2743, in which, buried in an original usage quote that can only be read with the magnifying glass supplied with each set, they will cite that blog as the first known use of the term “frugarian” in the English language.

And Silverwolf will have contributed his one rusty old can of verbiage to the Matterhorn of linguistic junk that human minds on this planet carry around with them.

Thank goodness there are only 26 howls in the Wolverine Language.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf