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A New Year, A New Decade: Something To Be Thankful For

January 8, 2010

Given the perennially saturnine and lugubrious tone of most of Silverwolf’s blogs, he thinks it only meet that he commence this decade’s scrivening on a hopeful, thankful note. And therefore he has decided to write a joyous blog.

So reader, as you begin this new decade, Silverwolf would like to respectfully request that you give thanks for your non-situations.

Be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those animals who is waiting in line to have its head smashed in, or throat cut, or a blowtorch applied to its skin “to improve the flavor” as is favored in South Korea, and quite a few Asian countries. Be thankful that you are not bleating out the last few minutes of your life in terror, as you hear the cries of the other victims, and smell their blood. You are surrounded by the Human Beings, and they are far too cunning, and far too well developed, anatomically, with their hinged thumbs, their upright stance with locking knee-joint, and their over-active, highly complex brains, to be evaded, once they have decided to murder you. Very few animals manage to escape over the walls of the abattoir compound, so don’t hold out any hope for yourself if you find yourself in this situation. But of course, oh reader, if you are reading this, you are not finding yourself in that situation — lucky you.

And be thankful too that you are not one of those animals, those cats, dogs, and monkeys, that are being tortured day-in and day-out, in the labs of the pharma companies, and government-sponsored universities, in useless experiments, which are highly lucrative for the experimenters, the lab techs, and the dog- and cat-traffickers. You really need to be thankful on this one, oh reader, and I certainly hope that after you die, you won’t come back to consciousness as an animal in a lab experiment.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not a mother seal watching her babies being clubbed and skinned in front of her eyes, so the Canadian Socialist Miscreants can get a little bit richer. (Anything for a Loonie! is the motto above the border.)

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not amongst that quarter of the globe’s populace that slaves from dawn to dusk for one or two U.S. dollars a day, while in America people pay that much for an apple, or the equivalent of a year’s hard labor in the 3rd world just to see a doctor for seven minutes. It is truly Rome and the Provinces all over again, and Rome is America/Canada and Western Europe.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not confined to an iron lung for the rest of your life.

And don’t forget to be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those 130,000 forgotten ones rotting away in the political prison camps of North Korea, according to the BBC. 130,000 people abandoned to a miserable fate while the Clinton’s kowtow to the Communist despots, and implicitly recognize the legitimacy of their tyrannical rule by giving their “State” aid.

And be thankful, oh very thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those poor souls down South who got caught with their pants down during the current Arctic blast to the East, stretching yea unto the water-logged depths of southern Florida. Your pump burned out deadheading against the frozen pipes, then the electric company goes down, and you won’t have power for a week, while you didn’t warehouse enough wood against such a freak storm, and what you did have got drenched in the snow, the pump installer tells you there are 300 people awaiting instillation ahead of you, the wholesalers run out of pumps, and there’s only three months of winter and cold ahead of you. Such people are suddenly forced to live like Wolves, though of course we Silverwolves are used to that, and actually enjoy it. But then, we don’t mind lapping pondwater (it really is tangy) though most humans have a finicky aversion to drinkly thusly, which we put down to a peculiar, delicate, preciousness which we have noted in so many humans, and which we find ostentatious and repugnant. We Wolves will drink anything, eat anything (except of course meat, fish, or poultry, or cheese containing rennet and junk food) and some of us vegan renegades have even been leading a movement to get Wolves to go completely vegan, with some success. Of course, we still hear rumours of Wolves attacking lambs and sheep in America, in places like Montana, but we put that down to human propaganda, and the lamb-industry lobby. (In America, it’s anything for a Baaah-ck). Any Wolves that would attack a little sheep or an innocent lamb are regarded by us Silverwolves as a sort of Taliban amongst us, and we do hereby solemnly excommunicate them from the Wolverine religion.  But we find ourselves highly incredulous as to the veracity of these reports of Wolves attacking lambs. Ha! it’s preposterous!

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those innocents waiting to be executed in China, so that your body parts can be sold for profit. (Behind the Great Wall the motto is, anything for a Renminbi!) Or one of those innocents waiting to be executed in Huntsville, Texas, because your defence lawyer fell asleep during the trial.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those factory-working girls in Bangladesh, sewing a whole month for $30, or those countless millions in India, cleaning latrines by hand, or threading bidis 16 hours a day. And in America, the government will pay you if you refuse to take on such work.

Finally, oh reader, be thankful that you are not anyone else other than whom you are, for that is obviously the way it was meant to be, since that is exactly as it turned out. And would you really want to be somebody else?

As unsatisfactory as we may seem to ourselves, is there any human being who would really want to completely change personalities and character with anybody else? Silverwolf thinks not.

And finally, oh reader, be thankful that you have a cerebral cortex and the divine gift of Consciousness that enables you to read this. Does not that gift of Consciousness make it all worthwhile?

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

President Obama and The Liberal Democrats: Starving the Third World

March 12, 2009

The announcement several days ago by IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn that the world is entering a “Great Recession”, and that the funding arrangements of the world’s more advanced economies will crowd out borrowing by poorer Third World countries, is dire news indeed for the impoverished  of Asia and Africa. The selfish dollar-grab of the Democrats, and their Quisling allies in the Republican Party, like Senators Snowe (job) and Collins, in order to maintain the profligate and self-indulgent lifestyle so many Democratic corporate-welfare parasites have come to enjoy under the Clinton-Bush Socialism, is going to force desperately poor countries like Vietnam and the Philippines to have to offer very high interest rates to attract the capital their governments need. Indeed, it will become impossible,according to the IMF Chief,  as the voracious greed of the Democrats suck up every dollar they can find in the world in order to fund their massive Stimulus Bill, their Bank Bailout Bill, their Farm and Ethanol Subsidies, their Stimulus checks, their auto industry bailouts, their insurance industry bailouts, their Fannie and Freddie bailouts, their ramping up of the war in Afghanistan, their “residual” 50,000 man occupation force in Iraq (of course, honest Obama is withdrawing), and the several hundred-billion dollars Americans are forced to waste each and every year defending the well-fed Socialists of Northern Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

In the rush to grab dollars from anywhere, or print them up and pass the burden on to those fetuses just being born into the slave state of America, the Democrats seem to care little that they are literally going to starve millions of Africans and Asians to death, and drive countless women into prostitution in South East Asia. There seems to be very little concern indeed amongst American Blacks, who like to refer now to themselves as African-Americans, for the actual Africans who are going to starve or go without healthcare, in order than those same American Blacks can continue to receive their benefits. Nor has there been any acknowledgement amongst them that the farm subsidies which the Democratic Party, along with farmbelt Republican Collectivists,  so overwhelmingly support, have been starving African kids to death for decades, by driving local African farmers out of business, due to the Socialist price supports than the American government gives to mostly very wealthy American farmers (according to a USDA publication, the average income of farm subsidy recipients in 2004 was $199,500/yr with 80% of the farmers having incomes above the national average). There seems to be as much solidarity amongst Black people on Planet Earth as there was amongst Whites who called themselves Frenchmen and Germans throughout two world wars. Let’s get over the myth that skin color means much more than skin color.

Silverwolf condemns the callous and murderous selfishness of the Democratic Party, as it starves the poor women and children of Asia and Africa to death.

Do these Democrats have any grain of decency left in them?

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf