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Obama the Incompetent: When Lawyers Rule Capitalists

February 10, 2009

Silverwolf tuned in last night to watch President Obama’s maiden Press Conference. He was very glad, after a few minutes, to never have invested more than a quintaminute in listening to the rhetoric of this clever lawyer during the campaign. America has gone from a President who is so mentally slow that he can’t even form a sentence, to a President who is so precious and careful in how he words every sentence, so that every statement can later be modified or expanded on, to show it meant something other than what it normally means to most people, that it’s almost worse than listening to Bush. The tried and true method of the Democrats of testing out certain words on “focus-groups” and then, like Pavlov’s dog, watching the “happy-meter” to see how that word reacts on their psyches, was certainly put into effect last night. Obama is well versed in such sophisticated propaganda, and we heard every one of the eighteen-words in the “happy dust” rhetoric of the Democrats, most of them several times over.

And of course, there were the subtle lies. The President thought the controversy over Roosevelt, who supposedly brought us out of the Depression with his “New Deal”, had long ago been buried. Evidently, in his intellectual curiosity, he has never read Professor Murray Rothbard”s work on the Great Depression, or the Austrian school of Economics which says that government intervention in the free-markets is itself the root of the problem, and that is what prolonged the Big Recession of Hoover, into the Great Depression of Roosevelt. It shows that the President is an ignoramus when it comes to Economics, a condition typical amongst lawyers. He also put out the big lie that there were those who thought government should do nothing, that it was a philosophical thing, that he disagreed with it, etc. and that such thinking was reflected by the economic advisers to Senator McCain and the former administration. As if Senator McCain wasn’t a big Keynesian government spender, just like Obama. The real opposition, of course, is reflected in the thinking of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, and the two or three other Congressman that usually vote with him on economic measures, not in the empty rhetoric of the Bush Republicans, who always cave in on spending, when they get their own plateful of goodies.

The President also told a whopping lie when he said that he had inherited the previous administrations deficit, as if he had nothing to do with it. Wasn’t he a Senator there for a while, who voted on spending bills? Didn’t his Democratic brethren vote to approve the massive military budgets of the past few years, and the massive give-away of the Farm Subsidy bill? Obama and the Democrats are the main cause of the deficit, because they voted the spending that caused it, and they were in the majority in Congress. But don’t let us let something like facts cloud our thinking.

The peaceniks who voted for Obama, against “Bush the murderer” are going to have to come up with some good ones to justify their Savior’s new, open-ended commitment to Afghanistan. With daughters, I guess there’s not much chance of the Prez losing a loved one in the impossible task of imposing a rational outlook on irrational people. But Ron Paul, and the people in his campaign, predicted exactly this backtracking on withdrawal from the quagmire of Iraq and Afghan. Obama will pull a lot of them out of Iraq, to show he is the peace candidate, and then send them next door to Afghan, to show he is the war candidate. Man, this guy is everything.

Judging by the markets’ reaction this morning to the President’s first press conference, it looks like they understand that they have another economic incompetent in office, and they will have him there for four long, miserable years. And judging from the market’s reaction to Treasury Secretary Geithner’s plan, a Secretary of the Treasury who looks like a disgruntled high-school teenager running for student body treasurer with a scowl on his face, instead of a rock-solid banker, that’s apparently what many sophisticated investors feel. Fed Chiefs and Treasury Secretaries should look like substantial bankers with gravitas, not nervous nellies with quivering voices, or angry high school students. Arthur Burns, who was a Keynesian nincompoop when it came to economics, at least looked the part of a sage banker, with his pipe (which now would not be permitted). Silverwolf is surprised the politicians have not noticed the importance of this aura of gravitas, but thus it is when Capitalists are ruled by Lawyers.

America could have had sound money, economic prosperity, and peace, if it had voted for Ron Paul.

But in its greed, America chose Keynesian economics, poverty, massive deficits and war. Too bad, America, you could have voted for Ron Paul. It’s too late now. Hard cheese.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf