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President Obama’s Insane Minimum Wage Proposal: Communism Closes In

February 17, 2013

In a recent headline one saw on the BBC website under “Health”, there was a report that tobacco “rotted the brain”.

Clear proof of this must have been displayed in nicotine-addicted President Obama’s State of the Union Speech, when he proposed an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 (US) to $9.00 (US). At least that’s what we read he said. We couldn’t bear to watch his speech, not because it was President Obama especially, but because we cannot stand to listen to any politician save Ron Paul, who at least teaches you something new about political science with ever speech. Even Gary Johnson is boring, (and thus, far more electable since he seems to be a typical politician).

But President Obama’s call to raise the minimum wage is clearly insane, and suicidal to the economy. It could never even be voiced in a Libertarian society without hoots of ridicule from the mass of the public. Has the President already forgotten his huge inflation in large part caused by the last minimum wage increases which have taken it up from the $5 and change level to its current $7.25? Evidently he has, which isn’t too hard on a $400k a year salary, while 40% of the country now has $500 or less according to a Drudge report listing. The inflation that wage raise has helped cause (along with FED money-printing) has driven the price of necessities up fourfold in terms of food and gas, as well as undoubtedly wiping out millions of small businesses who could not survive at the higher minimum wage, thus shutting down competition and further raising prices. It has also disemployed all the people who were working at those businesses, as well as anyone who would have been hired at any new business that would have been created at a $5/hr minimum wage, but was not even started because of the higher wage costs.

Isn’t it nice to hear people making $100k/yr (the average Federal salary and San Francisco city worker’s salary), or who have a lifetime pension, or an overpaid union job, tell unemployed people who have no money that it is immoral for them to work for less than whatever the wage level the government sets. Armchair Liberal Democrats who disenfranchise the homeless hobo from any opportunity to get any kind of money. Let them eat cake, huh? The Marie Antoinettes of the Democratic Party.

But the level of the minimum wage is not the vital question at all. The real question is, why do we have a minimum wage law at all, especially in a society that could be so wealthy thanks to the developments of science and technology? Why is it that in a supposedly Capitalist society, where all give lip-service to the “free-market”, we permit the government to restrict this one item of trade — labor— and make it a crime to engage in a free-market on this one issue? What gives a wealthy politician like Barack Obama the right to say to a penniless hobo, “It is a crime for you to rake leaves for $6.50 an hour, even though you’re starving, homeless, and this kind poor pensioner on Social Security, who can barely feed himself thanks to the Obama Inflation and who cannot afford more than $6.50 an hour, offers you two hours work. Both you and he are criminals!”?

Under a $9/hr minimum wage it will be virtually impossible for the homeless to get any kind of work, thanks to President Obama and his wealthy Liberal Democrats. How immoral.

This Immorality would not exist in a Libertarian society, where people would be free to contract and pursue their happiness as they saw fit. Should a wealthy man be called a criminal because he charged a very poor man for the wealthy man’s labor at less than the minimum wage, because the poor man was too proud to accept charity, and the wealthy man didn’t want to embarrass him? We’d say that was highly Moral. The Democrats have made it a Crime.

Of course, the greatest sufferers from the mimum wage laws are our tormented American Youth, who are growing up under the miserable conditions of the Obama Administration’s misadministration of the country. Go look up the levels of teenage unemployment in America before the introduction of the minimum wage and after it. Then look at the level of White teenage unemployment compared to Black teenage unemployment before and after the introduction of the minimum wage. (If you haven’t looked it up, the rates for both classes of teenager soared after the minimum wage introduction, but the rates for Black teenagers soared far higher than Whites and have stayed like that ever since. The minimium wage is not only an assault on our Inalienable Rights, it is an assault on teenagers, and even a racist assault on Black youth. No Klanner fiend could have ever thought up a more effective anti-Black Racist measure than the minimum wage laws.) A higher minimum wage will just make it that much harder for teenagers to get any kind of work and experience in learning how to handle money, while the inflation it causes will make them poorer if they do manage to get any. No wonder so many youth drop out of high school, take drugs, and drift apathetically. What does this rotten government offer them but more hurdles to any kind of economic freedom? Under Pol Pot, it was a crime to have money.

Under Jeffersonian Libertarianism, the Right to Contract is one of the Natural Rights, the Inalienble Right of every Human Being — the Right to Pursue Happiness. The Communists, and we call them that because they are restricting a free-market by force and coercion, have stolen that Right, and the People must take it back at the ballot box, through the Court of Public Opinion, of which this blog is a miniscule part, and through non-violent political agitation (demonstrations, rallies, running for office).

The only exemption from this principle of no minimum wage should be for those commonly referred to as “Mongoloid Idiots”, a horrible term for someone whose intelligence is so primitive that they could easily be gulled into working for an amount that could not even sustain life, a level at which no rational person would accept employment.

After reading of the President’s minimum wage raise proposal, Silverwolf believes the BBC report that “tobacco rots the brain”.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Is it Time to Jail the Obese?

July 15, 2012

Silverwolf has been cogitating on the feasibility of jailing the obese.

He finds something very strange in the Obama Healthcare Mandate, which overturns the prohibition against involuntary servitude amongst other egregious Constitutional violations. It seems that we are told that we have a “responsibility” to purchase medical insurance or pay an outrageous tax or penalty, but the recipients of medical care seem to have no responsibility whatsoever in Obama’s view as to how their behaviour effects medical insurance costs and medical costs nationwide. Somehow tobacco addiction, obesity, and alcohol use are all forgotten about when the Democrats talk about “responsibility”, but clearly remembered when it comes to the normal weight tobacco- and alcohol- abstainer suddenly forking out hundreds of  extra dollars a month. Somehow these self-responsible folks suddenly have a “responsibility” when it comes to paying their neighbors medical bills for conditions brought on by tobacco and alcohol and obesity, but the “victims” of their own behaviour have no responsibility it seems as to the unneccesary medical costs which they inflict on society by their self-destructive behaviour. When we see the collective costs of medical care in America as a percentage of the GDP and the Federal Budget, we realise that the costs associated with tobacco, alcohol and obesity are helping to bankrupt the nation and consequently to undermine the U.S. Dollar. And with these costs in view, one could almost say that using tobacco and alcohol, or being obese constitute a type of Treason against America in that the individual is using the balance sheet of the U.S. Treasury and all U.S. Taxpayers to clean up the mess which their own behaviour has brought about.

The other day, Silverwolf was looking at a photo of the Class of 1992 from the local high school, probably in their late 30s by now. What was striking was that out of the 25 or so in the photo, only one person could said to be of normal weight, all the others being outright fat, or “thick”. Compare that to a photo of the Class of 76 in the high school annual of that annum. Almost all the girls where of normal weight, and amazingly cute, with only a couple of corpulent demoiselles in a class of 30.

Silverwolf puts this down to Bill Clinton’s patronizing of major junk food chain restaurants when he was a popular President, the corporate subsidies these corporations have received from the heinous Corporate-Communist Import-Export Loan program, and the proliferation of junk food sales at our government schools. But in a larger sense it is down to the merging of corporations and state in America, which has gone on apace with alacrity under both Democratic and Republican Administrations. No one in government will attack the junkfood industry, like Dairy Queen with her huge corporate interests backing the President and his tax confiscations.

So since Obama and the Democrats and the non-Ron Paul Republicans all want to continue to jail people for using cannabis medically or recreationally, and since our National Debt is so huge and is swelled so much by the Medicaid and Medicare use costs associated with tobacco, alcohol, and obesity, it seems to Silverwolf to be wholly in line with their bi-partisan beloved Fascist Prohibitionist system that we consider Silverwolf’s proposal to jail the obese or anyone more than 15% over their normal body weight as well as tobacco addicts and alcohol users in government “re-education” camps where they would not be released until they had achieved a “normal” weight according to government bureaucrats, or had achieved one year and one day of abstension from tobacco and alcohol.

Jailing the obese would have a profoundly beneficial effect on America’s annual medical care bill. It would lead to a strengthening of the U.S. Dollar, a much healthier population, and many fewer orphans.

The fact that it violates the Bill of Rights should not bother our friends on the Progressive Left since they fully believe in government intervention when the end effect is a pragmatic increase in the general level of well-being in society, the effects on Individual Rights and Liberty be damned. So there shouldn’t be much problem there.

It’s on the pseudo-Conservative wing of the Republicans that there might be more resistance. Obese Republican bourbon-swillers forced to forego their cigarettes for a year might be slightly irate, and try to raise issues like the supposed importance of the Bill of Rights, but those Individual Rights objections would be lightly swiped down by the Robert’s Corporate Socialist Supreme Court now that they’ve ruled that involuntary servitude is once again O.K. in America.

Of course Silverwolf would have to raise serious Libertarian objections to his own plan, such as the egregious violations of Natural Rights law such jailings would entail. But what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and I guess if the public is going to continue to jail sick medical marijuana users or bankrupt them with their exorbitantly priced state pharmacy schemes, then Silverwolf will just have to go along with jailing the obese. That’s what the poll-going 25% of the possible electorate that put Obama in office seems to want, so it’s only just that jailing people for their unhealthy habits is also acceptable. according to the public’s vote.

Yes, jailing the obese is certainly a proposal whose time has come. It would save the nation a fortune.

And after the goals of this “corrective” program are achieved, perhaps we can move on to the meateaters.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Libertarian Capitalist Voter: Neither Victim Nor Executioner

October 21, 2008

Silverwolf thinks it important to caution American voters, before they cast their upcoming ballots, as to the moral danger in which they place themselves if they vote so as to perpetuate the deeply immoral policies of our two main parties. Voting for the lesser of two evils is evil itself.

If you vote for the two main parties you will be endorsing the carrying out of the death penalty against innocent people (which will surely occur if either Obama or McCain is elected), you will be endorsing the throwing of your neighbor into the concentration camp hellholes of American prisons for the “crime” of owning some substance, which they choose to use to assuage physical pain or to investigate philosophical issues, you will be endorsing an immoral economic system, which loots the hard-working and productive and gives to the profligate and the malingerer, you will be endorsing the raising of food and medical costs for those who abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and physically addictive and destructive drugs (those more physically addictive than caffeine), you will be endorsing a military budget that steals the wealth which the third world (mostly Africa and Latin America) needs to raise its $1-a-day wage laborers to the level where they might one day threaten the $100million Clintons, who kept that wasteful spending going for eight full years, with the collaboration of the Bi-Partisan Quislings in Congress. The very people whom General and President Eisenhower warned us against, they are. And let’s not forget Jimmy Carter, that “decent man” who started the whole wasteful ball rolling by almost doubling military spending during his reign, and exacerbating relations with the Soviets when we probably could have traded them out of their Socialism in a decade, though that is a debatable point.

You can vote with the thugs, or you can vote as a pure act of Human Freedom, for the candidates of a party that is for the Rights and Freedoms of the Individual which Nature intended. A party that eschews racism, and sees each Human as a Sacred Entity, a vector of action. The major parties try very hard to condition that Human Vector of Free Action, which we could also call the “Praxeological Entity”, through the media, and through the economic pressures applied through their policies. The havoc that Democrats have caused in American life, driving millions beyond the affordability of medical insurance, because they have imposed so much paperwork regulation on the average doctor in order to help thousands get “free” medical care, seems beyond the reach of their intellectual capacities.

Libertarians and all should ask: Why has there never been a Federal Regulation that any individual receiving Medicaid in America abstain from the use of tobacco, which the Federal Government itself has admitted, through its Label Warning requirement, is deleterious to health? Why should the self-sufficient, who treat the body as the temple of G-d that it is, be forced to pay higher income tax rates and be forced out of the affordable health insurance market, in order to pay for the medical bills run up by people smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, bills that might well not exist if they had abstained from these narcotics?

But don’t except Iris Lav, the government bureaucrat who went before the House Committee yesterday to tell us why the states should be handed another $50 billion, mostly for Medicaid,  which will be then added to the eternal federal deficit, — don’t expect her to be too concerned when your relative dies because they could not afford health insurance. The spendthrifts never mention the unseen damage they do to the millions who are forced to come up with more and more cash to compete with those getting their government freebies, while they contend with the higher tax rates the Democrats will be throwing at the whole country in a few weeks. Well-fed and secure behind their bloated government salaries, pensions, and benefit packages, they could care less about the Independent Individual in America, who has enough trouble just deriving a living from the free-market that is left over.

And Silverwolf noticed that Lav and the Democrats never mention paying for this extra $50 billion to the States through cutting spending by bringing our troops home from Europe, Japan, and Korea, where the American taxpayer is forced to subsidize these Socialist leeches by paying their defense costs. No, instead the Dems propose a “stock-transfer tax” which will slow trading in the markets, thin volume, and wipe out many small investors, while making virtually no difference to the billion-dollar hedge fund trader. The usual pea-brain schemes put forth by  Liberal-Democrat Congressmen like Peter DeFazio, designed to wreck the free-market’s objective efficiency.

Finally, voting for a third party shifts power directly from the two major parties to those third parties. When the two major parties see that they could have won an election if they had won the Libertarian-Human Dignity vote, they will shift their policies accordingly so as to capture just enough of that vote (they think) in the next election. The Libertarian Party, and its principles, could very easily become the balancing vote that drives both parties away from Mussolini-Corporate Fascism, and toward Jeffersonian Free-Market Liberty within a framework of enforced property rights (i.e. the police will come out and arrest a thief, and the courts will jail him.) One read, yesterday, that that is now the case in Costa Rica, evidently a place not only rich in commodities, at least originally, but now also rich in Libertarian ideas.

So make sure, American voters, that when you go into that election booth, or fill out that mail-in ballot, that you are neither amongst the Victims, who lay down like sheep before the Socialist-Fascist Juggernaut, and say there is nothing they can do, nor amongst the Executioners, who cut their neighbors throats, economically speaking, and drink the life-blood of their labor. Keep your hands clean from all contact with the Fascists.

American Freedom has been stripped down to the “Barr-Root”.

Vote Barr-Root for President/Veep, and the Libertarian candidates. You won’t have blood on your hands on November 5th.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf