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Let Us Feel You Up: The TSA vs. Libertarians

November 14, 2010

Well, it looks like someone over at the pilot’s unions finally read Silverwolf’s blog on the outrageous and Fascistic unreasonable searches of American citizens by the Obama “Administration” at U.S. airports (“May I Strip Search Your Wife and Daughter? Why Sure!”). Though naked screening and feel-ups have been in place for months, and the bleats from the sheep have been muted, it seems the new aggressive palping of people’s genitals, and those of their wives, girlfriends, and children, has finally made many Americans realize exactly what the Fascist Obama, and his Big Brother Democrats, have in store for the rapidly-Germanizing American public.

Sad to say, the pilot’s unions seem to be only thinking of themselves, since they want an exception that permits pilots and aircrews to walk through without a radiation-exposing strip search, or a hand-grope by those (hopefully) heterosexual non-pedophilic loyal and courteous TSA employees. The fact that regular citizens and their children will still be exposed to radiation (whose damage, recall, is cumulative throughout ones life), or a degrading and perverted hand manipulation of their genitals and mammary glands, seems to be secondary to these unions, as long as they don’t have to go through the dangers of radiation, and the trauma of molestation, themselves. Typical union solidarity with the People.

However, it seems just as likely to Silverwolf that a dangerous terrorist could infiltrate one of these unions, get a job with a sound flight record as a pilot, and then use this exception to smuggle explosives on board a flight. Why should they be exempted, when small children are not?

Moreover, it is obvious that if airports can do this kind of Nazi-reminiscent dehumanization of the Human Being, and Collectivist overriding of Jefferson’s Bill of Rights, then it can soon be done on buses, trains, and, why not?, every time you pull into traffic, or walk on a public street. Perhaps every American should have to pass through a radiation-dosing machine every time they leave their domiciles, or enter any building open to the public? After all, walking, driving, taking the bus or train, are all modes of transportation, and since the TSA has responsibility for the safety, supposedly, of transport, then why should they not have the Right to strip search every citizen whenever they use a public road. The Democrat’s logic of course would accept such an argument, as long as it is made by a Democrat and not a Republican or Libertarian.

Of course, it is the reaction of the free-market, and Free-market Capitalists, which is the key element here. If people start cancelling flights, taking alternate modes of transportation, or merely demand, en masse, the pat down instead of the radiation- and genital-exposing scan, then the Fascist Perverts will have to back down, since the airlines will be losing too much money, and, as you can see from this example of how the American government treats its citizens and their G-d-given Rights, money and power is far more important to the government than the safety of the people, and the Rights of the American Public. To get people to obey unconstitutional acts (like the prohibition against unreasonable search), and vile violations of the Universal Rights of Man without protest, is the intention of all bureaucracies.

The statement by four University of California professors that the radiation machines are not safe will no doubt be viewed as problematic by the government, coming as it does from a government-funded university, but the steady bleat of assurances coming from government officials that the procedure is “safe”, or that the dangers are “miniscule”, will undoubtedly reassure those who think the government never has to go to the bathroom, and that every one of its employees and officials is honest and dedicated. Those simpletons seem to have quickly forgotten the FDA’s Fen-Phen and Vioxx, the coal mining and oil well disasters, and Congressman Charles Rangel, the obese drug warrior, whose corruption investigation will shortly commence. But a large tranche of the public is a little more sceptical now about the veracity of government mouthpieces, perhaps recalling the honesty and truthfulness of the Third Reich.

The reaction of pilots and the public to this outrageous and heinous dehumanization of law-abiding American citizens has finally turned into a healthy protest against the hubris of government officials who think they have a right to feel up and photograph naked your wife and daughter. It will probably do more to further the campaigns of Libertarians and Congressman Ron Paul than anything the Libertarians and Ron Paul have said and done in the last four years.

The American Public is starting to sniff the Fascist stink around Barack Obama, and his Fascistic Democratic Party. Feeling up their women-folk and their children is the last straw.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

May I Strip-Search Your Wife and Daughter? Why, Sure!

January 12, 2010

The gutless, pusillanimous wimps that American men have turned into can well be illustrated by the passivity with which American males are now letting their mistresses, wives and daughters be strip-searched at American airports by complete strangers. It is a development that is most amazing when you ponder what would have been the reaction of the typical middle-class American male of, say, 1958. The idea that some stranger was going to visually inspect his wife’s and daughter’s genitalia because a government bureaucrat said so would seem most amazing to him, and would have probably elicited a right-cross to the jaw that would have been admired by Sonny Liston. But the modern castrati of America, brainwashed in the Collectivist kindergartens set up under the so-called Capitalist Reagan and the pathetic Bush-Clinton-Bush sequel to the fiasco, and feminized by the ubiquitousness of plastics and the high level of estrogen in municipal drinking-water supplies due to the widespread use of birth-control pills, will willingly let their women be stripped and visually raped, and themselves be symbolically cuckolded, rather than say boo to the government men. The fact that corporations will be making a mint on the taxpayer selling these egregiously overpriced visual-rape machines to the government so that they can dose everyone with a little extra radiation, this fact will be overlooked, as will the victory to the terrorists of getting to expose every single American’s (heathens and infidels) genitals to a dose of radiation. Our government is making sure the terrorists destroy our civil liberty by destroying it for them.

And all this in response to the fact that the government, with the smoking gun in its hand of the underpants bomber, did absolutely nothing. Yet that same government now says, trust us, we must strip your women and gloat on them to be safe, and you will go along with it, whether you like it or not.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah reported in his recent article in Newsweek that he had to argue with TSA personnel to get a patdown instead of going through the machines, which was his right according to the TSA’s own rules. That is the level of competence that the hiring of TSA personnel has achieved, that a Congressman must fight for his Constitutional Rights with a bureaucrat who may not even have a high school diploma. Welcome to the U.S.S.R.

So when it comes to flying with your womenfolk, Silverwolf’s advice to American men is, walk.

Or lope. With four legs, we Silverwolves can cover a lot of ground in a day by loping. You humans ought to try it.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf