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The Health Care Bill: The Lowest Chop

December 25, 2009

“I’ll chop you so low, you’ll have to look up to look down!” This was one of the lowest “chops” of all, that art of crafting an insult which was quite an intellectual skill amongst the wolfcubs when Silverwolf was in the fifth grade, at the Collectivist brainwashing center. The above “chop” was Silverwolf’s favorite, and would endlessly puzzle his mind, as he tried to imagine looking up to indeed look down. It seemed a daunting task, intellectually, to grasp this notion, just as it was equally to grasp the idea of “what is on the edge of the universe” or “is there anything beyond the universe?”

Fast forward a few score years to December 24, 2009, a day that will live in Libertarian infamy, as Silverwolf finally discovered what the meaning of “I’ll chop you so low, you’ll have to look up to look down!” was.

It’s the Healthcare Bill, for it is this piece of legislation that has extinguished the last spark of Libertarian Freedom residing on the face of the earth. Singapore may have lower income tax rates, but that is one of the few positives to say about that sewer of Human Values, a “country” that has executed a young Australian man by hanging for possessing a few pounds of cannabis. But from the standpoint of Freedom, it was almost certainly in America that there was still some glimmer of Libertarian Freedom, some still-flaming embers, as the income tax rate was lowered a score of years back from the usuriously immoral rates perpetrated by the Democrats during the dark days from Truman up to Kennedy (including Eisenhower, who, like Churchill, became a milktoast Socialist after defeating the National Socialism of Hitler and his numerous German fans).

But these embers of a dying Capitalism and Human Freedom have been extinguished by this immoral Health Care Bill, which gives the corporate Socialists everything they want, and destroys the last vestige of that Bill of Rights which Jefferson and the Founding Fathers so passionately saw the necessity of. America has been castrated by the feminized Socialism of Roosevelt through Clinton-Bush, and this Bill is the last nail in the coffin, for now, no longer is a Man Free in America, but he must now pay a corporate tithe every month just to exist as a Man, thus overthrowing the Creator-given Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, which the Men who wrote the Constitution had the vast intelligence to appreciate. Mental pygmies like Pelosi and Senator Reid have not one iota of that hyper-intelligence which reeks through the writings of Jefferson, Madison, and Paine, or the slightest love of Human Freedom. They are working for that Corporate-Socialist agenda which completely subjugates the Individual to the Collective, just as was done by the Criminals, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and they have virtually succeeded. The “reconciliation” of the Senate and House versions will be used to imply that real debate and give and take have gone on, but the real damage, the destruction of the Individual’s Self-Ownership, one of the axiomatic foundations of Libertarian insight, has already been achieved by the Moral Castrates of the Democratic Majority in the Senate.

However, Goliath was sure that he would slay David, and the punters of the day were laying the odds that way, but things didn’t turn out as expected. Judging from the anger of callers to Liberal- and Moderate-Democratic talk-show hosts last week in San Francisco, a very Liberal town, Silverwolf would say that the Democrats, in their self-righteous blindness which they invariably display towards the morality of what they are doing, especially when it is deeply immoral (witness Sen. Feinstein’s staunch support for Legalized Murder — oh, I mean, Capital Punishment),  — these Democrats have finally slit their own wrists, metaphorically speaking, for they have not awoken to the fact that they are going to drive millions of Americans who either did not vote, or voted for them, believing the propaganda machine of Herr Obama, into a state of utter destitution when they suddenly have to use their food money to send off hundreds of dollars a month to a corporation that makes billions of dollars a year. This was the Clinton  plan; this was the plan that Obama said he staunchly opposed when he lied during his campaign against Her Highness in Iowa, as he let go another trial-balloon lie. By now a dozen have rolled off his back, as effortlessly as they rolled off a teflon Reagan-duck. Birds of a feather study evasion together.

And as for lukewarm Republicans amongst that 31 million who will now be forced under threat of robbery — I mean, tax penalty, to make their monthly contributions to the insurance mafias, well, you can be sure they will be transformed in strident Republicans. With all those millions now forced to pay monthly tribute to the insurance companies, it’s small wonder that insurance execs with tons of their own stocks made a mint the other day, when final passage was in sight.  No wonder insurance industry fan Buffett was so gungho on Barack. Qui bono? Who does it benefit? was the question that Professor Rothbard taught us to always pose when looking for the reasons for anti-Libertarian legislation. On this one, the answer is not difficult to determine.

When the half-of-Americans who are too indifferent to vote and the Obama-fans-no-longer who must now pay through the nose, without their beloved “public option”, are joined by angry Republicans, there will be a Libertarian coalition formed that will rival anything seen since the Founding Fathers wrested the Colonies from Georgy-Porgy Puddinghead-Pie the Third, or J. Bracken Lee ran for President in the 50s as a Libertarian. Impinging on the Freedom of Individuals can have a tonic effect on those who take the comparative Freedom of America and the Western European Democracies as a social given which has existed since time immemorial, instead of a brief respite in the long history of Totalitarianism, which is one group of gangsters trying to ride herd over a vast number of Human Freedoms. The requirement to pay out hundreds a month just to exist will produce a bile so galling that it will be tastable in the American political mouth, and the only way to spit that taste out will be for the public to vote out the Democrats, and vote in Libertarians and Ron Paul economic-Republicans. And they will.

“Heat not a fire for thy adversary so hot that it do singe yourself” advised Shakespeare, but that is a lesson the Democrats never learned.

Arise America, retake your Freedom at the polls, and vote the Collectivist Scoundrels out forever!

And that will be the best chop of all.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Bashing Obama: Silverwolf Lets Up to Look at the Man

April 30, 2009

It will come as no surprise to those who have read recent posts on this blog, that Silverwolf has taken the gravest exception to many of our new President’s policies, and has been highly critical of him in many areas, from economics to foreign affairs. But he thinks he should give his view of the President as a person apart from his actions as a political figure.

Basically, Silverwolf thinks the President is a nice guy, with a winning manner, but without any deeply thought out or deeply held convictions or principles. A compromiser and pragmatist at heart, loath, as was War Criminal Lyndon Johnson, to ever move against a majority. The many immoral actions the President has taken, in the sense of anti-Jeffersonian violations of the Bill of Rights, illustrate that the President lacks this deep commitment to Principle, and his economic program shows the frequent lack of economic understanding one can encounter even in the brightest lawyers. Quick-wittedness in the law does not necessarily mesh with quick-wittedness in business, or in seeing the tangential necessities of economic freedom and personal liberty. What is so exhilarating about the 17th and 18th century French “laissez-faire” economists, thinkers like Turgot and Cantillon,  is their commitment to personal liberty, and their seeing the connexion betwixt that liberty and economic freedom. To laissez-faire, to “let to do” is not only the best thing for the individual, but also for the society at large. And government regulations on businesses of which the government bureaucrats know nothing, but the entrepreneurs know a great deal, only act as a tax which ends up costing the consumer in higher prices, impoverishing society as a whole, to benefit both some special interest group, and the bureaucrats who enact and enforce these regulations, in the form of their salaries and benefit “packages”. Rothbard taught us to always ask, Qui bono? when it comes to government regulation of an industry. Who benefits?

 All these things are beyond the comprehension of our new President, whose choice of Geithner as Treasury Secretary shows that he is completely brainwashed in the Keynesian, government-must-always-intervene, mentality. It is in this sense that the President, quick-witted though he be, has never flashed on the moral implications of Liberty, as they were protected and promoted by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with the philosophical ideas that inspired these being propounded in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble.

It is this personal charm, and the President’s public speaking prowess, combined with this complete lack of deep political and economic Principle, that are so dangerous in this President. With his vast majority in the Senate, the President can “fast-track”, i.e. ram through, any legislation, unConstitutional or not, through a complaisant Congress.

However, the President, and his equally unprincipled fellow Party members in the Legislative Branch, will soon see that their Keynesian mish-mash will presently turn the American economy to mush, and they will then try to get out of it by both raising taxes on the entrepreneurs, while inflating to rid themselves of the real value of the debt they have been running up for the last 76 years. As they kill the incentive to work with higher income taxes, their tax revenue base will shrink, while the inflation and higher taxes will drive more and more to seek the shelter and “security” of a government handout. This will, in turn, greatly increase the tax demands on government, while simultaneously shrinking the tax base. And both these processes will accelerate constantly at an ever-increasing velocity, until, in a very few years, the system grinds to a halt, and they issue a new currency, and will talk of a “fresh start”, meanwhile having completely destroyed the value of the money for anyone who saved the old currency, or didn’t spend it down to the last unit before it became worthless.

Karl Marx and the sadistic fox-hunter, Friedrich Engels, used to quack about how Capitalism would eventually collapse of its own accord, no matter what anyone did. But they had it completely turned around, for while Capitalism can pretty much go on indefinitely producing wealth, and new forms of wealth as technology advances, it is Socialism, as exemplified in Keynesian meddling in the private economy, that is doomed to fail from the moment it gets a foothold in government. This is one of the great insights of von Mises and Hayek. And it is this lesson that we are now witnessing in America and around the world — the great failure of Keynesian, Socialist, big government.

And this is the lesson that President Obama — a nice guy at heart— can never grasp or even comprehend. There is a difference between quick-wittedness and intelligence, cleverness and profundity. A difference of which the President is not even conscious.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf