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Sharia Law vs. Capitalism and the Constitution: The Hizb Anti-Biz Conference in Chicagostan

July 25, 2009

Silverwolf noticed that about a week back, the Islamic organization, Hizb-ut-tahrir, held a conference in Chicago where they decried the supposed Capitalism of America as being the cause of the current financial crisis, and spoke instead for the adoption of Sharia Law in the U.S.A. It seems, under this wonderful system, that interest on loans would become illegal, Sharia would take precedence over the U.S. Constitution, and Christians and other religious minorities would become “dhimmi” or protected minorities who would only have to pay a 10% tax for the privilege of living in a society under Islamic Law.

Hizb-ut-tahrir is an Islamic organization that claims to be non-violent, and seeks to convert the world through intellectual discussions. Evidently, the long history of the misery caused in the world by religious fanatics, and religious governments, is to be cleared up and forgotten with a little intellectual “chewing the fat”. However, the Danish Government didn’t see anything intellectual about it when it arrested one of this group’s leaders six years ago for passing out literature calling on Muslims to carry out the Koranic exhortation to kill Jews wherever they see them, or when it indicted the group three years ago for calling for the murder of Danish government officials. Such “intellectual persuasion” was viewed by the Danes as it should be: inciting to riot and murder, and which should be punished as if it had been successful in its nefarious aims. Whoever incites others to murder based on race or religion should be tried and punished as if he had committed first-degree murder.

Interestingly enough, when the conference began, men and women were forced to sit in separate sections, and when someone challenged this set-up, they were told that it was to prevent men and women from “acting like animals”. Apparently, these objective Islamic intellectuals didn’t trust themselves enough to not turn into raving rapists if they happened to co-mingle the sexes. It’s good to know we’ll have such well-controlled people in charge of the Islamic Republic of America, when they take over.

Of course, the fundamental premise of the conference, that Capitalism has created the current crisis crimping cash-and-carry commercial custom,  is a humbug, because, on the contrary,  the current crisis has been caused by big-government Socialism reaching into, and destroying, almost every facet of Capitalism that used to exist in the late 19th century in America. Socialism,  based on the religious prescriptions of the three major Western religions, has been married to the falsities of Keynesian economics, to create a witches brew of FDR-LBJ Socialism that has finally poisoned the patient. America will never emerge from this depressionary inflation until it adopts the sane, sound, and true principles of Austrian economics and radical free-market Capitalism. And groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir, and its growing influence in American metropolises, are only further obstacles in American Capitalist’s and Libertarian’s attempt to retake America for the system it was before the FED, Wilson, and FDR-LBJ welfarism.

The horsescat that organized religion has piled into the world never seems to stop coming, and it’s a shame that so much human energy must be wasted in cleaning up the stink it creates. In America, thanks to Jefferson’s wisdom, and the Christian radicals who fled authoritarian England so they could worship in peace, and were even so radical as to tolerate and sometime even welcome Jews into their new lifestyle, a life-style so radical in its intellectual foundations that it had never been seen in Europe, though it was later to be stained by the contradictions of slavery and the treatment of the Indians in a land that purported to champion Individual Liberty and Rights — in America, such a piling finally came to a stop, with the effective separation of Church and State under Wisechief Jefferson’s Revolutionary Constitution. But groups like Hizb, and the Bush-Obama expansions of “faith-based initiatives” programs which should be repealed by Congress immediately, and for which both Bush and Obama should have been impeached, are the bane of true Capitalists and Libertarians both in America and the world over.

If you don’t like free-market Capitalism and the Constitution, there’s a vast Islamic world out there, where you won’t have to be paid interest on your savings, in which you can live. Enjoy it.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

“The Freeman” For Free, Man: A Libertarian’s Dream

July 16, 2009

Silverwolf has been exposing his brain neurons to a new set of those black little smudges, arranged in conventionally fixed orders, that the humans call “words”. These words make up back-issues of “The Freeman”, a Libertarian periodical that published from the mid-50s to the early 60s which the Mises Institute has just put online for the public’s perusal. It was incredible to read the criticisms of President Eisenhower, as a born-again New Dealer, and the Republican Party as not an opposite to the Democratic big-government statists, but a collaboration outfit. It reminded one exactly of the criticisms Presidential-candidate Ron Paul made of his own party during the campaign of ’08. (That’s 2008, for those of you reading this post centuries and millenia from now.) Many were the writers bemoaning the demise of Capitalism before the onslaught of the growing Socialist State, and a few months after Eisenhower’s inauguration, that were already saying that this was just a Truman dressed as General Eisenhower. Many more predicted an inevitable collapse of America now that Socialism has been institutionalized, not only in government, but in the mindset of the masses of Americans. Thoroughly brainwashed, they maintained, the vast majority took without critical thought the axioms of the New Dealers. One finds the exact same mentality today, methinks.

Did those early anti-Statist haters of Communism and Nazism think that it would take 54 years for their prognostications to come true? Methinks not. But now, before our eyes, we are watching the de-rollment of that final descent into the chaos of Socialism, and unfortunately we have a very charismatic President who, knowing he is bright, thinks he is always right, and who has mainly made a living from the public coffers, teaching law and serving in Congress. Unfortunate America probably needs a small businessman as President, as broadly read and charismatic as Obama, but solidly in the tradition of Austrian Economics, amalgamated to the Old Right’s love of the Jeffersonian Bill of Rights and Individualism,  so she can be lead by someone who has had to earn every penny they have through the Free Market, and that after surviving income taxes reaping 25-50% of the fruits of their labor. But college professors at public universities, who know that their bread is buttered by the coercive confiscation of somebody elses wealth, because someone decides that “public universities” are a right and a good, have never had to survive in a Capitalist market from day to day. Once they have tenure, they are on easy street, as long as they show up every day, smile, and don’t get angry at anyone in public. And this, despite centuries of having multitudes of private universities and colleges, who must compete with one another for the fees, and pay their professors according to the quality of their work, depending on how much revenue their lecturing can willingly bring in.  There is no need for “public universities”, because without regulation, private schools will come about when those who have a passion for it, and see a profit in it at the same time, set them up. (However, Silverwolf would agree with Jefferson that their might be a place for government’s trying to non-coercively insure that every citizen of the Republic learn how to read, so that at least they can read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But nowadays, this could more easily be done through the internet, instead of setting up this abhorrent Behemoth of public schools, that provides welfare jobs to the mostly mediocre teachers and staff, while stifling and boring to death the youth of America as they are brainwashed into group-think, and while taxing local property owners, many retirees living on pensions, outrageously.)

Yes, it’s a shame that this highly read, polished, and charismatic President should have and believe incorrect principles of economics. But the Public University does that to the mind because, if its “raison d’etre” were to be examined, it would have to dissolve itself immediately on the grounds of immorality. Yet it purports to exist based on principles of morality. And here we have the essence of its hypocrisy.

The President really needs to take a weekend off from stewarding America and hit the books, like Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” or Mises’ “Interventionism”. Perhaps it will hit him what he is doing wrong. But that would necessitate his repudiating the way he made a living for years, before becoming President. Yet without the experience of being a wage slave or a small businessman in America, having to cope with all the problems thrown at you by Big Government that dissipate so much of the life energy of Americans, Silverwolf doesn’t think these books would get through to him. Many who have had their Rights trampled on by racists and group-image perpetuators, seem to forget that immoral economics also violates the Rights of everyone. Rosa Parks and the American small Capitalist have a lot more in common than President Obama seems to realise.

But for those of us sick of the maudlin group-speak of the mainstream media, brainwashing the public 24-hours-a-day through commercials and news reports, the ragings of the writers at “The Freeman” penned 55 years ago, are as fresh as this morning’s forest air, at least to us Libertarian wolves.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf