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The Fruits of Socialism: Poverty and Racism

June 30, 2009

Silverwolf would like to ask the Socialists a question. With their rule over many European nations now having gone on for nearly fifty years, why is there is such poverty and racism in Euro-land? Why, if Socialism is a way of quickly ironing out social equalities, and bringing about that favorite myth of “social justice” (and justice is always an individual matter, never a collective matter), why is it that after two and a half generations there is not that Socialist Nirvana that, we have been told for 150 years by the Communists, will finally liberate mankind?

For example, in Socialist Scotland, which has had left-leaning parties in dominance for decades, why is it that, according to research commissioned by the BBC and published in December 2008, they reported that fully one-third of Scots are what they consider “breadline poor”, which is defined as being so poor that you cannot effectively participate in society? Why have decades of Socialism not made poverty a barely remembered affliction, instead of the daily lot of one third of the nation? Well, those of us in the Austrian School of Economics ably understand the reasons why. Socialism does not alleviate poverty; rather, it institutionalizes it, and Scotland is the shining example.

And what of the  “Brotherhood of Man” that the Socialists are always braying about? Surely, once a socialist system is in place, all those racist illusions should just fade away, people will be seen just as people, and all will realize that the true criminal is that wicked boss, who provides one with a job, without one having to accumulate the venture capital oneself to open up that factory. The Marxian ideal of the “solidarity” of the working class will wipe aside all petty nationalistic and racist divisions, and, freed from a life of eternal drudgery, the poison of racism and nationalism will soon be forgotten.

Yes, but then how do the Socialists of Ireland explain the fact that yesterday the remainder of a community of roughly 100 Romanians, who had been living in Belfast, decided to return to Romania after weeks of racist attacks against their domiciles, and vandalism against the Church where they eventually took refuge? Out of the community, only two were brave enough to stick it out in Ireland, the rest retreating from the “warm Socialist response” they had received. Why, oh Socialists? Why after 50 years of ruling have you failed to eradicate racism if Marxism is the panacea for racist and ethnic divisions?

The answer is that Socialism, rather than respecting the Individual, demands his complete subjugation before the State, and says that the State and the Government is bigger and more important than any Individual Human Being. This is not an ideology of Human Respect, but rather one of the deepest disrespect for the Rights of Man. And that is why, after so much time, Socialism continues to fail throughout the UK, and the Euro-Socialist Nirvanaland. These are societies that fundamentally disrespect the Rights of the Individual, while self-righteously maintaining that they love the Individual. Baldfaced lies.

It is only Capitalism that can bring the industrious out of poverty. It is only Libertarianism that reserves to the Individual the deepest respect for his Rights as a Human Freedom. That Freedom is dangerous and unpredictable, and that is what Socialism hates, because it always seeks the safe and secure, and seeking the safe and secure is the surest way to be insecure and destroy one’s Freedom.

Scotland and Ireland, Glasgow and Belfast, the failures of Socialism continue to de-roll.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Jefferson in Teheran: The Libertarian Revolution Begins

June 16, 2009

As Congressman Ron Paul says, “Freedom is popular.” And as we hear the voices of Freedom crying out from the cities and towns of occupied Iran, we can see what he means. All throughout history, from time immemorial,  the Fascist Miscreants, be they secular, as in Italy, Germany, and Spain, or religious, as in Iran, have ground their fists into the face of Liberty, and all throughout history, that face has spat back, getting a good lunger-full of yellowish sputum right into the Fascist’s blood-lust filled eyes. And the Fascists, as Ghandi pointed out, have always fallen — always.

The Fascist, child-murdering, Miscreants that run Iran’s corrupt religious dictatorship thought they could pull the old Bush-in-Florida ploy, but it looks like they had counted on the famous American-sheep response that was so disgracefully evident in those dark days of the post-selection of Dubbyah, and not the vigorous, Ghandi-like mass demonstrations that have the ruling Mullahs micturating in their togas, or running off to meetings in foreign countries, like Ahmadinejad, in case the lynch mob gets too near to administering some long-awaited justice to the headman.  He can certainly not feel alone at his meeting, with the Russian and Chinese Fascisti; he’s in good company.

Two-hundred and thirty-three years ago, a group of Radical Revolutionaries had a shindig in Philadelphia. Today, their words and principles are bringing fear into the hearts of those who have brought not only fear to millions, but also great suffering and death. The Fascist Miscreants of Teheran had better “have a care”, and not stifle the Libertarian Revolution that the youth of Persia is so obviously crying out for.

Silverwolf would suggest, if the Iranian people want to be lenient, that they can expel the Criminal Ahmadinejad to Venezuela, where he can play in the same pig sty as his bosom buddy, Hugo Chavez. Pigs that are tethered, con-snort together.

The Libertarian Juggernaut is rising around the world. The Youth can see, or sense, that they are being stuffed into a world molded by an ancient tyranny, and administered by minds too ossified and senilified by Socialism and Organized Religion to ever understand their yearning for Freedom. But the youth of the world wants Liberation, not only from the blatantly Fascist regimes of Iran, Burma,  and Zimbabwe, but also from the “soft-Fascisms” of an America, Canada,  Australia, or Euro-Scandinavia. Ron Paul was right: People want Freedom.

And the thirst for Freedom was imbued in them by us Libertarian Wolves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Prolonged Detention: The Next Step in Obama’s Fascism

June 9, 2009

Wisechief Jefferson taught us, along with the Founding Fathers, that detention without trial is one of the hallmarks of totalitarian regimes. All throughout history, tyrannical regimes have used this tactic to silence their critics, and hide their crimes. From Henry the Eighth to Hitler to Stalin, this method has proved one of the favorites of the Miscreants of History.

And now it’s President Obama’s turn. In a speech on May 21, the President proposed overthrowing the Bill of Rights, which requires that the government charge you and give you a speedy trial, by insinuating the heinous practice of “prolonged detention” into our legal code, that is, indefinite detention without a charge being brought or a defendant’s prompt trial. This piece of Fascist scat has been dressed up by the President as a new and necessary part of our legal system, although we’ve survived without it very nicely for nearly a quarter of a millennium.

In his speech, Obama criticises Bush’s “ad hoc” method of dealing with legal issues, but then goes on to say that he will “reshape the standards” in line with the “rule of law”, a phrase which he used several times in his speech. It never seemed to occur to our very bright President, that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the Law of the Land, and anything that directly contradicts these documents is an attempt to overthrow the “Rule of Law”.  He mentions that al-Qaeda and its affiliates are at war with the United States, but he fails to mention that anyone who deliberately tries to overthrow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is in a state of war against the Law of the Land. Obama talks of a “legitimate legal framework” in phrases reminiscent of Governor Romney’s pledge, made during one of the Republican televised debates, to “call in the lawyers” and see how he could get around the Constitution. It’s obvious that Wisechief Jefferson well knew what kind of caitiffs would be coming down the line several hundred years from his time, still trying to impose tyranny on human beings.

Obama went on to talk of “developing an appropriate legal regime” outside of the courts, and even the military commissions, in order to be able to hold people for “prolonged detention” — that is, indefinite imprisonment without trial, without a sentence, or without saying how long they will be held. In other words, 100% pure unadulterated Fascism.

In never seemed to cross the President’s supposedly brilliant mind that some future tyrant in America, a Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Franco, could use such a law to round up and jail forever their political opponents, or that a law that directly contradicts the very clear demands of the Bill of Rights could be unconstitutional. Fortunately, brighter minds like legal scholar Jonathan Turley, and Senator Russell Feingold, have pointed out that this latest Fascist proposal of the Obama Regime is almost certainly unconstitutional, and would fail a court test. Happily, Senator Feingold is going to hold Congressional hearings on this obscene proposal, so that the whole Fascist stink of the latest Obamaism will be able to be inhaled by the American Public.

The constant stream of totalitarian legislation coming out of the Obama administration should be a wake-up call to all those Democrats who truly favor the Rule of Law over all the unconstitutional early meanderings of the Obama regime: the massive giveaways to the corporate business sector at the public’s expense, the continued persecution of medical marijuana proponents by the Federal government in states that have legalized it, the “voluntary national service requirement”, the expansion of Bush’s faith-based initiative, the continuation of the military commissions and the continued suspension of habeas corpus, the failure to prosecute torture,  and the escalation of the war into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

President Obama is the greatest threat to the American Constitution since President Bush. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf